A tree topper is the crowning glory of any decorated Christmas tree. From traditional angels to intricate stars,  lighted tree toppers, or creative thematic designs, this ornament makes a big impact and completes the look of your tree.

However, if your tree topper is too heavy or the mounting hardware is the wrong shape for your tree, it may need some extra support. Luckily there is a specialized accessory that can help: the tree topper extension kit. This consists of a short metal rod that can be attached to the tree to reinforce the uppermost branch on which the topper sits. The rod even features a loop at the top, so the topper or other decorations can be secured to it if needed.

So how do you know if your tree requires one of these kits? You probably need extra support for your  tree topper if:

  • The top of your Christmas tree leans to one side when the topper is placed on it;
  • The topper itself sits at an angle on the tree; or
  • The top of your tree is too short and the topper runs into the highest branches before it is fully supported.
Tree Topper Extension Kit

If that sounds like your Christmas tree, be sure to take a look at the Balsam Hill tree topper extension kit. It comes with everything you need, including extra branch tips to fill out the uppermost foliage and plenty of green zip ties to subtly secure your set-up. This system works on both real and artificial Christmas trees, so no matter your preference, you can crown your tree with whatever tree topper suits your style.

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