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The crowning glory of every Christmas tree, the tree topper is an essential component that enhances the holiday atmosphere in your home. From intricate stars to beautiful angels, tree toppers keep the Christmas spirit alive with familiar symbols of the yuletide season.

Many trees today are topped with thematic accessories that represent something close to the family’s heart. Trendsetters often employ the novelty of decorations or objects found during their travels to give their tree a unique and inimitable look.  Still, some go for items that possess significant meaning to them in one way or another, giving further testimony to the limitless possibilities open when it comes to tree decorating.

Choosing a tree topper is a simple task if you know what you want or have a specific theme in mind. To help you, here are a few tips to get you started on selecting the ideal tree topper.

Check the Size


Before choosing a design, it is vital to determine the size of the tree topper and if it would fit your tree. Your ceiling should have enough clearance for your tree topper. If you’re planning to use a larger or taller tree topper, consider a smaller tree. You should take note, however, that a larger tree topper might be heavier. This would increase the risk of it falling over. An oversized topper can also overpower a smaller tree. Make sure that you consider the overall look of your Christmas tree so everything will look balanced and no element is out of place.

Consider the Weight


Due to its conical shape, the uppermost section of traditional Christmas trees tend to get unsteady, especially if your ornaments are on the heavy side. Adding a large piece adds to the weight of the tree’s top When adding a topper, install it securely on the top of the tree. You can also opt for a tree topper made of lighter materials.

Complement Your Décor Theme


After checking the size and weight, it is now time to see if your chosen Christmas tree topper goes well with your overall theme. Color is a basic element that can have a major effect on your tree an home décor. As such, you can pick a favorite color or choose from the traditional holiday hues of gold, silver, bronze, burgundy, or green. They can be also be used as mantel decorations with a tree topper stand, whether you choose an angel or star tree topper.

Depending on your style preferences and your home’s overall design, the ideal Christmas tree topper will be different for everyone. These guidelines, however, will help you narrow down your choices so that you can create the perfect tree of your dreams.


  1. Janie Zeilmann Reply

    What size angel or star tree topper is best for a 4 and 1/2 foot tree?

    • Donna Skinner Reply

      Does your lighted tree toppers plug into the tree itself or does it plug into the wall outlet separate from the tree? My BH tree has a remote. Do you have a lighted topper with the same option?

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