Decorated mantel showcases the colors of the season
Celebrate autumn’s burst of color with Balsam Hill’s Colorado Mountain Spruce™ Tree and Autumn Mix Decorated Foliage.

The autumn grows nearer and the holidays are just around the corner. Now is a good time to begin planning your next holiday décor theme. The style you choose will be a major factor when it comes to choosing the right items that will help achieve the look you want. In this post, we will show you what you need to know about the most common holiday décor pieces in order to give you a better perspective on how you can put each to good use.

The Wreath

Fall-themed wreaths hang on a shelf
For your fall décor, you can choose between the Red Berry Wreath, Pinecone Wreath, Wintry Woodlands Wreath, or BH Noble Fir® Gilded Wreath.

In choosing a wreath for your home, it’s important to consider the size. Larger wreaths provide a more festive look; smaller ones exude a more elegant, understated appeal. Of course, the important thing is how it will look on your door. Your door’s size is a major determinant of the size of the wreath. Larger ones should also hang higher than small ones so it won’t look out of place.

The wreath’s depth should also be taken into consideration, especially if you have a screen door in front of your front door. You must also determine how deep your door is in the door frame so that your wreath doesn’t stick out too much. Lush wreaths look great for the holidays, but make sure they’re not protruding from your front door. This might create an unpleasant sight.

After the holidays, dust or clean your wreath before storage. Make sure that the wreath is not crumpled or scrunched up during removal to preserve its shape. Large hatboxes are ideal storage containers due to their shape and sturdiness. You can also hang larger wreaths in the back of a closet or wardrobe.

The Garland

Mantel decorated with autumn-inspired wreath and garland
Decorate your mantel with Balsam Hill’s Orchard Harvest Wreath and Garland.

Garlands are the perfect complement to a wreath, especially if they have matching foliage. Known for its versatility, garlands can be used in a variety of locations in your home, such as on stairway banisters or archways. With the right foliage, it can even be used to decorate your front porch. First, you must consider the size of the wall or banister on which you wish to hang the garland. Most wreaths are 10 feet long, so it is beneficial to take note of this when making pre-decorating measurements.

In the image above, the garland provides a nice accent to the whites. It also complements the matching wreath above. Depending on where you place your garland, it can hang straight or loosely, like drapes, for a more graceful appearance. To achieve the look you want, take note of a garland’s frame and construction before purchase. A wire frame is more durable but limits your options because of its stiffness, while a cord frame gives you the option to be more creative because of its flexibility.

Care should be taken when storing a garland after the holidays. When taking your garland down, gently drape it over your arm to make sure it isn’t tangled; ask for help if necessary. After dusting it, gently coil it up in a clear plastic container to maintain its shape. It’s a good idea to mark garlands first before storage so you’ll know where to hang them next year.

The Swag

Close-up of the Mountain Meadow Mailbox Swag
The decorated foliage of the Mountain Meadow Christmas Mailbox Swag makes the perfect décor piece for autumn.

In lieu of a wreath, the swag is the ideal alternative if you’re looking for something extraordinary. It can also serve as the centerpiece to your garland, giving garlands an impressive focal point. Swags come in a variety of sizes depending on where they should be used. Make sure you are getting the right type and length when using them to decorate your home.

Depending on the type, a swag can be used to decorate mantels, mailboxes, windows, doors, and archways. Beautiful on its own, the swag becomes even more impressive when used in combination with wreaths and garlands. Outdoor swags can also be used to decorate gates and fences so the holiday cheer can be seen and felt even from a distance.

Clean and store swags as you would your garlands. Take care not to scrunch or tangle them up so they retain their natural shape. Mark each swag appropriately to remember where to place them next year.

The Teardrop

Garlands and a teardrop decorate the front door
You can use a teardrop on your door in lieu of a wreath.

The teardrop is another unique décor piece that can be used to replace the typical wreath. The distinctive tapered shape of the teardrop, where its name is derived, gives a home that Christmas atmosphere due to its resemblance to an inverted Christmas tree. This shape makes it an ideal décor piece on which to hang small Christmas ornaments.

A versatile décor piece, teardrops can be used to decorate doors, banisters, even walls. They’re also the easiest to decorate due to their shape. Aside from Christmas ornaments, you can embellish them with ribbon, flowers, and berry sprays.

Before storing your teardrops, clean them to avoid dust and dirt buildup during storage. Make sure that it fits nicely into the storage container to preserve its shape. Larger teardrops can also be hung in the back of a closet or wardrobe.

The Centerpiece

Cranbrook Orchard centerpiece decorates the dinner table
Foliage centerpieces, such as the Cranbrook Orchard centerpiece, symbolize a bountiful feast.

Complete your Christmas dinner with the perfect table setting. The Christmas centerpiece is a staple for the ideal dinner host, providing a multitude of sensory delights through delectable dishes and impressive visual displays. A décor piece for the dinner table, the Christmas centerpiece can also be a living room center table accent or a holiday accessory for the coffee table in your front porch, depending on its size. Most centerpieces measure 36 inches, so take note of this when decorating your tabletops.

Most centerpieces come with candleholders so you can add some candles, as in the image above, to help create a warm, cozy atmosphere. If you want to be creative, you can use a foliage centerpiece in conjunction with other centerpieces that complement your overall décor theme. You can also opt to use more than one centerpiece for longer tables.

Store your centerpieces as you would your wreaths and swags. Clean them first and place them in a plastic container or sturdy box. You can then store them on a shelf or in a closet.

Types of Foliage

Balsam Hill trees of different foliage types

Christmas foliage décor come in different foliage types. The type you choose will depend on the look you want or the location in which the décor piece is to be used. Balsam Hill™ offers three types of foliage:

  • True Needle™True Needle™ foliageThe ultrarealistic True Needle™ foliage is designed to mimic the structure, texture, and color of natural evergreen needles. Exclusive to Balsam Hill™, it is created using injection-molded PE plastic and a variety of pigment colors to provide a natural look. True Needle™ foliage features color variations within the branches, making it the best and most realistic foliage type.
  • Pine needlePine needle foliagePine needles are made of PVC that is extruded to mimic the size and texture of a pine tree’s long, thin needles. They have the texture of real pine needles.
  • Classic needleClassic needle foliageClassic needles are made from thin sheets of PVC that are cut into fine strands to resemble natural evergreen needles. This type of foliage can be seen in many of the trees in the BH Classics collection and a few ones in the Signature Collections. Due to PVC’s superior ability to block light and create a “full” look, it is also used as filler for most other Christmas trees.

When decorating with foliage décor, make sure that you get the type of foliage you want and the appropriate size and shape of the décor piece. There are a number of aspects to consider when it comes to home holiday decorating, but familiarizing yourself with the types of décor and foliage will go a long way in making your living space the perfect holiday home.

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