When I was growing up, sitting on the floor by the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree was one of my favorite things to do. There was just something about the room all aglow with those lights that was magical.

Christmas time definitely does feel like a magical time with those lights, merry music playing in the background and friends and family gathering to spend time together.

When I first became a mom, we started a tradition of buying a gift for the “Tree” while shopping. Where we lived, you could choose a name of a child from a tree in one of the stores, and there would be a list of things that you could buy to help make their Christmas a little more merry. From that Tonka truck they wanted to a book to read to a warm coat to wear to school, buying gifts for the tree is a tradition that we continued as our kids grew. When they were old enough, we had them help us choose the gifts for each child. It didn’t need to be a big or expensive gift — the smallest were as important as the biggest.


Not only was it wonderful for teaching our kids about giving back and thinking of others, it was something that we were proud that they enjoyed so much. They would think about just what gifts they thought that another child might enjoy and find it, and then be so excited to drop that toy into the bin. It was like a little sprinkling of good feeling merry magic and it felt like when we were giving back; it was almost like getting that gift ourselves.

Christmas is filled with excitement and wonder especially through children’s eyes. It is a time filled with magic and merry and all things bright, and so many beautiful blessings.


The little surprises that are found when those advent calendar doors are opened each day are just tokens or small little treasures and treats, but sometimes those smallest of gifts are enjoyed just as much as bigger ones, and are perfect.

Wishing you all very Merry Christmas!

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