Celebrate Mom, Celebrate Life

Because Balsam Hill believes in celebrating the family, we invited everyone to share how their own families celebrate Mother’s Day. The most inspiring answer would win for the participant two English Boxwood wreaths from Balsam Hill and two $100 Etsy Gift Cards. They can use their prizes to decorate an area of their home and of another loved one’s home for spring in honor of moms all over the world.

Celebrate Mom, Celebrate Life: Balsam Hill awards two English Boxwood wreaths and two $100 Etsy Gift Cards to Suzanne B for the 2014 Mother's Day Giveaway

The most touching answer reminded us of how Mother’s Day goes beyond our own families, that we can bring joy and honor to our own mothers by caring for other mothers who might not have family around.

Beyond the Family

And this answer came from Suzanne B who began by sharing the difficulty of celebrating Mother’s Day after losing her mom. The loss has led her to extend this heartwarming occasion beyond her own home:

“I will be honest it is going to be difficult. My mother recently passed away so I was having trouble how to approach it. My heart is not totally into celebrating anything and I know that does not do any one any good.

My family has plans not to focus on ourselves but we are going to help out at the Assisted Living Mother’s Day Dinner where we can help bring a nice time to other mothers who have no family around. It will be good for us all, children and grandchildren. We may have lost our mother, but so many other mothers are still here and in need. Helping others is what mom would have wanted anyway.”

Suzanne’s answer captures what we hold true: when we celebrate moms, we celebrate life. May we all have a Mother’s Day filled with warmth and love.

Thank you to all the participants of Balsam Hill’s 2014 Mother’s Day Giveaway! Continue to visit the Balsam Hill blog for ways to celebrate the family season after season.

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