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A Charitable Christmas in July: Point Hope

We’re inviting you to help raise funds for a number of charitable causes this year. From July 1 to 31, we’ll be publishing posts on our Facebook page that you can like, share, and comment, with each of these actions resulting in a donation to a partner charity organization.

Delilah with two beneficiaries of her charity, Point Hope

In this Q&A post, we’ll be getting to know one of our charity partners, Point Hope and its founder, Delilah.

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Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

The Great Christmas Giveaway: Ornaments Galore

Red Mercury Glass Pine Cone Ornament

Red Mercury Glass Pine Cone Ornament

Christmas trees are like snowflakes. No two are alike. Some people opt for the minimalism of tiny white lights, while others go to tinsel town with jumbo multi-color bulbs. No matter which party you belong to, most trees have one thing in common – ornaments! Everybody has their favorite ornament. I like things with texture like feathers and fabric, while my husband prefers more classic shapes, and my kids go crazy over anything glittery and gold. With so many Balsam Hill ornaments to choose from, you can easily match any decorating style, fit any family tradition, and perhaps even create some new personal favorites! Read This Entry