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Tips from the Pros: Make Your Own Christmas Tree Magic

animated GIF with multiple Christmas tree being decorated

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make sure your tree is decorated properly for the big day. The easiest way to achieve a stunning and cohesive look is to use a Balsam Hill decorating theme, complete with everything from Christmas ornaments to tree skirts. In the following videos, designer Brad Schmidt walks through four of our best and brightest collections.
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A Guide to Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now that you’ve decided on what artificial Christmas tree to buy, you may find yourself asking, “How many ornaments do I need to hang on my tree?” Considering how you plan to decorate your tree is key to creating a centerpiece that you’ll be proud to display in your holiday home.

The number of Christmas ornaments you will need depends on the height and width of your tree, the size of your ornaments, how much of the tree you want to cover, and your personal taste or theme. We’ve created this guide to help you determine the ornaments most suitable for your Christmas tree. Read This Entry

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10 Stunning Christmas Decorating Themes to Recreate This Season

Decorating ideas for turning your Christmas tree into the showpiece your home deserves.

Christmas Tree with Jewel-toned Ornaments

Shimmering jewel-toned ornaments exude distinct elegance and grace.

The Christmas tree is often considered the heart of holiday decorating. Drawing inspiration from the experiences of the best home décor and lifestyle bloggers out there, we’ve curated some Christmas tree decorating ideas you’ll surely love. We have a number of ideas that will inspire you to design a spectacular centerpiece with an eye-catching display.
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Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees: The Difference between Incandescent and LED Lights

Choosing the right pre-lit artificial Christmas tree can be overwhelming with all the lighting options currently available. The two basic light types are incandescent and LED. While both share the common purpose of adding a beautiful glow to your holiday display, there are several factors to consider before deciding which light option is best for you.

Balsam Hill Parade of Christmas Trees

To illustrate the difference between these two light types, we recently hosted The Parade of Christmas Trees, a very special blog hop with four of our blogger friends. We sent each of them two identical Christmas trees, each pre-lit with either incandescent or LED lights. We asked our bloggers to set up their Balsam Hill tree and share their thoughts on each light type. Read This Entry

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5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Big Spaces

Having a big space to decorate has its advantages, but it could also be challenging. When dealing with huge areas, you need to have an organized decoration so that the spectator’s eye falls on the right spots. Here are some tips on decorating big spaces for the holidays.

Emily's Christmas Cottage Porch with Balsam Hill foliage and décor

Emily of The Wicker House decorates her front porch with Balsam Hill frosted foliage and NOEL Décor sign

The Yard

Your yard is one of those big spaces that you can decorate. Not only do outdoor Christmas decorations give a good impression, they also highlight your lawns, gardens, and overall facade. Read This Entry

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Simple Ways to Decorate for the Holidays Using Natural Objects

I love dressing up my home with all sorts of decorations during the holidays, simply because it makes my home feel so warm and inviting. I’ve realized that using natural objects as decorations really makes a difference and adds impact to gatherings and festivities.

Christmas wreath

On that note, here are some simple ideas on how to incorporate natural accents into your own decor. Read This Entry

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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Eco-friendly Holiday Decorating Strategies

There are so many ways for us to treat the environment well while keeping the Christmas spirit alive. I’ve developed some eco-friendly holiday decorating strategies over the years and they haven’t failed me yet! I’m sharing some of these strategies so that we can all have a wonderful, green Christmas this year (and maybe get a reward from Santa Claus!).
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