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Holiday Organizing 101: Garland and Wreath Storage Ideas

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Garlands and wreaths are two of the most challenging holiday decorations to store. Unlike ornaments and lights, they need larger spaces so that their fine foliage and adornments won’t get damaged. Fortunately, there are some wonderful garland and wreath storage ideas that will ensure their quality during the off-season. Here is a short but informative guide to help you with the process.

Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag

Storing Garlands

  1. Carefully remove the garland from the mantel or your banister. To do this without causing any damage to your piece, gently drape it over your arm and carry it to the location of your container. This method also ensures that your décor won’t get tangled or stepped on as you move it.
  2. Wrap your garland with tissue or bubble wrap. This will help in preserving your needles while it’s not in use. There are two ways to store your garland:
    • Use a Large Plastic Container. These are readily available in most hardware stores and supermarkets. What’s great about plastic containers is that they are durable enough to keep your garlands protected for years. They may even have enough space to store more than three pieces.
    • Use a Garland Storage Bag. Garland storage bags can also be easily found in online stores. They are usually hung at the back of doors and closets. The downside to these bags, though, is that they can only fit a single garland. You may also need to have additional space to store all of your pieces.
  3. Make sure to store all your items in a cool and dray area. Keep it away from direct sunlight or from any sources of heat, like air vents.

Storing Wreaths

  1. Take down the Christmas wreath and wrap them in tissue or bubble wrap. You can also place them inside large plastic trash bags. Don’t forget to keep bags sealed and airtight. This will help keep dust and insects out.
  2. Wreaths are far easier to store compared to garlands. At the same time, there are also more options for storage. Here are some of the best methods available:
    • Use a Large Plastic Container. Large plastic bins are excellent holders for Christmas wreaths the same way they are for garlands. Best of all, they can fit several pieces together and even have some space for your other ornaments.
    • Use a Hat Box. Hat boxes are large enough to fit several smaller wreaths, too. They are also compact so they can easily fit on top of your closets or inside a cabinet.
    • Use a Clothes Hanger. If you have extra space inside your cabinets or dressers, you can also use hangers to store your wreaths. Just attach the wreath to the hanger using wire then place them inside your closets.
    • Use a Wreath Storage Bag. These specially designed containers, such as Balsam Hill’s Wreath Storage Bag, are constructed using durable polyester material, guaranteeing that your wreaths are preserved for years.
  3. Make sure that all wreaths are placed in a dry and cool area, far away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

Keep your garlands and safe all year-round with this holiday organizing guide from the Balsam Hill blog.


  1. I am having trouble storing my double door garland hangers in the original packages. would there be instruction on how to do this?

    • BalsamHill Reply

      Hi Peter! There are no special storage instructions for the double door garland hangers. You can simply take them down after the holiday season and put them back in the packaging they arrived in.

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