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[VIDEO] Top 6 Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

The natural beauty of a real tree combined with the durability and low maintenance features of an artificial one. This is what Balsam Hill’s most realistic artificial Christmas trees bring into your home. With our exclusive True Needle™ technology, molds from actual live tree branch cuttings are used to create lifelike foliage made from polyethylene (PE).

Balsam Hill takes inspiration from nature’s most popular Christmas trees to craft artificial trees in amazing detail, mimicking the structure, texture, and color of real evergreens. With more than 70% PE foliage, these trees are considered our most realistic artificial Christmas trees.

BH Balsam Fir™BalsamFir3P

Our namesake BH Balsam Fir features the teardrop shape and light-green needles of Abies balsamea in lifelike detail. Its full-figured silhouette is composed of upward-sloping branches that are perfect for holding delicate ornaments; while lush, semi-flat branch tips have brown-tinged stems that make it look and feel real.
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Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

3 Kitchen Decor Ideas to Bring a Touch of Autumn

When it comes to adding a sprinkle of autumn in the kitchen, I like to do just that. Just a sprinkle. And really, that is all you need.

kitchen autumn decor

With a few basic elements like copper, natural wood, and a bit of fresh fruit, you can create a charming look in your kitchen without overwhelming your work area and everyday style.
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Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

Simple Ideas for Early Autumn Decor

That transition from summer to autumn decor in the house can sometimes be a gradual one. September is usually a hot month where I live and it makes adding all things cozy like tartan plaid and pumpkin spice feel like rushing the season until the weather cools down a bit.

Autumn decor

So to ease into autumn decor, adding simple touches around the house is often the go-to way.

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Debbie Macomber’s Tablescape Ideas for Fall

Autumn brings many reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s for a special occasion or holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, any gathering with family and friends calls for beautiful fall season decorations to create a warm and welcoming ambience.

fall tablescape

Photos by Stephanie Dyane

Today’s post has best-selling author Debbie Macomber sharing her ideas on fall table settings, inspired by her book, Debbie Macomber’s Table: Sharing the Joy of Cooking with Family and Friends. A labor of love, the book features 100 original recipes and inspiring ideas for holiday entertaining.

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‘Tis Another Season to Give Thanks!

As our month-long Christmas in July campaign “‘Tis the Other Season to Give Back” draws to a close, we would like to express our gratitude to the Balsam Hill community for your participation. We could not have achieved such amazing donation results for our charity partners without your support.

'Tis The Other Season To Give Back - Christmas in July

To recap, Balsam Hill gave the spotlight to four charitable organizations on its Facebook page throughout the month of July. Participants gave their support by liking, reacting, and sharing the posts that featured their chosen charity. Each like, love, and wow is worth $0.50, while a comment and share are worth $1 each.

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[VIDEO] How To Make Your Own Stunning Flower Bouquet

Creating your own flower bouquet is not as complicated as it looks. With some patience and clever use of floral stems, you can create a beautiful arrangement to brighten up any room in your home. The beauty of a DIY bouquet is that you have complete control about how you want it to look and you may use any material or flowers you have on hand.

This video shows you simple steps to creating a bouquet with artificial flower stems:


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This Year’s Trend-Setting Fall Wreaths

Let your autumn decorations create a welcoming ambiance for your home. Transform your entryway, dining room, and living room into inviting spaces with fall wreaths in vibrant hues and trendsetting designs. Display these lifelike wreaths along with flameless candles to enhance the homey atmosphere that is perfect for cozy gatherings.


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3 Reasons to Decorate Your Home with Flameless Candles

Candles are great additions to your décor theme because they provide warm ambient lighting. Keeping candles lit has become more convenient with the development of flameless candle technology, which emits a soft light that’s virtually indistinguishable from real candles. Here are 3 reasons to inspire you to decorate different areas of your home with candles.

To Create a Warm Welcome

Candles help set a relaxed mood for any occasion. Make your guests feel at home by placing candle lanterns in your entryway. With a vintage appeal that is sophisticated and soothing to the eyes, these holders can be used both indoors or just outside your door for an ambience that is friendly and inviting.


Outdoor Cast Metal and Teak Lantern set atop an outdoor, wooden table

Placing lanterns on your window sills is another way to heighten the homey feel. Most lanterns come with covers to protect the candles within from wind or rain.

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