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When to Put Up Your Christmas Tree

When air gets crisp and leaves start falling, the holiday season can be felt waiting just around the corner. It’s generally agreed that October is the domain of all things Autumn and Halloween related, but once the calendar turns to November, the lines between other holidays aren’t always so clear.

Decorating a Balsam Hill tree

The annual debate of when it’s appropriate to decorate, celebrate, or even think about Christmas decorations can be a bit contentious. Should you set up your tree before Thanksgiving? Only decorate it on Christmas Eve? How soon is too soon, and when does waiting patiently turn into just decorating at the last minute?

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How to Set Up and Take Down a Flip Tree

Assembling an artificial Christmas tree each holiday season can be a daunting task. The idea of arranging branches, attaching sections together, and stringing up lights can feel like quite an ordeal to most of us. But with a Balsam Hill Flip Tree, you can put together a stunning holiday centerpiece, with virtually effortless tree assembly.

The Flip Tree is expertly designed with a patented construction that makes it easy to move, assemble, collapse, and store. These trees are also equipped with automatic light string connections through Easy Plug technology, making them our easiest and quickest trees to set up. Flip Trees come with two main sections: a base attached to a rolling stand, and the treetop. Depending on the height of your tree, the treetop may come in two sections.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to easily set up your Balsam Hill Flip Tree. And to ensure a beautiful, full tree, be sure to check out our guide to shaping artificial Christmas trees as well.

How to Set Up a Flip Tree

Assembling a Flip Tree

Step 1

Roll the tree’s bottom section out of the shipping box to your desired display location. Unbuckle the storage bag, undo the Velcro lining, and slide the storage bag off the tree.

Step 2

Step down on the front wheels to lock the brakes. Find the flip path indicator arrow on the top of the flip pole to figure out which direction the tree’s bottom section flips. Clear the flip path by pushing the branches to the left or right of the tree trunk. Make sure that there is enough room for the moving section to flip without being caught by branches.

Step 3

Flip the tree by placing one or both hands on the top of the flip pole and pulling in the direction of the arrow towards you. Place one foot on the horizontal bar on the stand to make the tree stable while flipping. Lock the tree into place using the safety strap at the base, then plug in the lights to ensure they are all working.

Step 4

Take the tree’s top section out from its individual storage bag. Insert it into the pole of the tree base. The Easy Plug function automatically connects the light strings through the tree trunk. You only need to touch one light string during setup: the one you plug into the wall.

Step 5

Bring your tree to life by fluffing it: This includes stretching out the branches to fill any gaps and to give the tree its full form. Your Balsam Hill Flip Tree is now ready for decorating!

How To Take Down a Flip Tree

Step 1

Unplug the tree and detach the top section. Step down on the wheels to lock the brakes and unbuckle the strap located at the base of the tree.

Step 2

Spread the branches apart to make way for the Flip Tree path. Pulling the center pole toward you, flip your tree into storage position.

Step 3

Roll up the cord and place it neatly within the tree. Compress the tree and enclose it completely into the storage bag. Close the bag’s Velcro lining and buckles.

Step 4

Compress the tree’s top section and place it into its storage bag. Unlock the brakes and roll your tree into storage.


With Balsam Hill’s Flip Tree, you can enjoy the convenience of easy set up and take down in just a few simple steps.

Still having trouble with setting up or breaking down your tree? Feel free to contact our customer service at 888-552-2572 or via any other method listed on our contact page.