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All you need to know about sales, discounts, campaigns, and special promos on artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and home decor products from Balsam Hill

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A Charitable December: Share the Joy of Christmas with Balsam Hill

As our “A Charitable December” campaign draws to a close, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to its success. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and participation of our friends, followers, and partners.Showcase of A Charitable December’s partners

To recap, Balsam Hill featured three organizations through Facebook posts during the first three weeks of December. Each like, love, and wow made on a campaign post was worth $0.25, while a comment and share were worth $0.50 each. Read This Entry

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Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas with Balsam Hill

This holiday season, you can make a meaningful difference with your likes, comments, and shares. Join Balsam Hill’s “A Charitable December” campaign and help share the joy of Christmas with our three partner organizations.

A Charitable December

Every week from December 2 to 30, our Facebook page will feature a post about one of the three charities. This is where you, our friends and followers, come in. Each like, love, and wow is worth $0.25, while a comment and share are worth $0.50 each. Comment the name of your chosen charity on the last campaign post or this blog post and add another $1.00 contribution.  Read This Entry

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The 5 Biggest Black Friday Deals You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

With Christmas right around the corner, stores will be packed to the brim with customers and soon, finding the perfect Christmas tree might be a challenge. Black Friday is your best chance to beat the holiday rush while grabbing Balsam Hill’s biggest deals without even leaving your home. Get an early start on your amazing holiday display with these very special discounts.



Black Friday Sale Stratford Spruce

Add a sophisticated look to your home with the elegance of the Stratford Spruce. This slim tree has an ultra-realistic appearance thanks to True Needle™ technology, an exact imitation of evergreen foliage, held together by light brown branches.
Up to 50% off starting at $479
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‘Tis the Other Season: Balsam Hill Gives Back

Give others a reason to smile  by participating in Balsam Hill’s annual Christmas in July event.

'Tis The Other Season To Give Back - Christmas in July

Balsam Hill will feature four charitable organizations on its Facebook page, from July 2 to 31. You can participate and raise awareness by liking, reacting, and sharing the posts about each organization. Each like, love, and wow is worth $0.50, while a comment and share are worth $1 each. Balsam Hill will match every cent made for each organization during the campaign period with a corresponding donation. On July 31, you will have one more chance to donate by simply commenting the name of your charity of choice on a special post for another $1 contribution.

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Spring Decorations That Last: Vibrant Handcrafted Florals

The bright colors of spring florals symbolize new life in nature. Brighten your home with spring decorations that last throughout the season and beyond. Handcrafted florals and greenery add a fresh dash of color and charm into your living spaces.


There are different varieties of spring floral arrangements and flower stems to choose from for every room in your home. Place them on mantels, set them on tables, or hang them on your front door. Use pre-arranged florals to decorate your outdoor areas as well.

Display the most beautiful blooms of the season with spring home decor that stay bright and colorful every day. For more spring decorating ideas, visit Balsam Hill today.

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Balsam Hill’s 2017: A Year in Review

BH 2017 Year in Review Banner

Another exhilarating year has quickly passed by, and now it’s time to welcome a new one with renewed hopes and aspirations. The past 12 months were filled with fantastic milestones, events, and celebrations that made 2017 more satisfying and significant for all of us here at Balsam Hill.

Join us as we take a look back at the highlights of our 2017 and what made it so remarkable.

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Why Large Flip Trees are a Big Boost for Businesses

Decorating your store or office for the holidays offers plenty of great benefits. The sight of a big decorated Christmas tree helps uplift employee morale, attract potential customers, and give clients a positive first impression. If you want to spruce up your workplace in a spectacular way, consider these reasons for getting a large-sized Balsam Hill Flip Tree™.
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A Truly Merry Christmas from Balsam Hill

Christmas has always been near and dear to our hearts. Beyond the delicious feasts and the giving of gifts, it is a meaningful occasion abounding with love and joy. From all of us here at Balsam Hill, we wish you a Christmas filled with all the spirit of the season, as well as laughter, happiness, and precious memories that we will hold dear for years to come.

Watch this video for a special message from our founder, Thomas Harman:

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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Celebrate Another Season of Giving with Balsam Hill

It’s the season of giving and Balsam Hill hopes to embody that spirit by spreading cheer to those in need. We will be featuring six charities with partnering influencers, each giving you the chance to help out.


From December 7 to January 5, 2018, you can spread cheer with a single click. Check our Facebook page on the dates below and leave a comment, react, or share. For each comment on a blog post—whether from our blog or one of our guests’—we will donate $2 to the featured charity. For social media comments and shares, we will donate $1; for social media reactions, we will donate 50 cents.

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