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A collection of decorating ideas that give your home that signature Balsam Hill elegance

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Tricks and Treats: Balsam Hill’s Hauntingly Beautiful Blog Hop

The Halloween season is all about spooky ghouls, scary skeletons, and hair-raising spectacles. This year, witness our bloggers reveal clever tricks up their sleeves, as they decorate enchanting spaces that still capture the spirit of the occasion in our Tricks and Treats housewalk.

2017 Balsam Hill Halloween Blog Hop
Join us as our talented friends share their favorite family-friendly and easy Halloween recipes, and reveal how they transformed their homes with Balsam Hill’s wide array of Halloween home décor. Read This Entry

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Wrapping Up Balsam Hill’s Splendor of Autumn

Our Splendor of Autumn home tour was a resounding success. We welcomed fall with the rich, warm tones of the season, as our Brand Ambassador Courtney, and 4 guest bloggers adorned their spaces with a burst of beautiful autumnal colors.

Balsam Hill's Splendor of Autumn blog hop
Let’s take another glimpse, as they invite us into their inspirational homes and share their fall decorating ideas as a tribute to the beauty of the season. Read This Entry

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Wrapping up Balsam Hill’s Around the World Blog Tour

Thanks to the talents of our Brand Ambassador Courtney and four blogger partners, we’ve enjoyed a decorating journey across different continents and cities. With Balsam Hill home décorflorals, and topiaries, they styled their homes after the distinct looks of four locales: the Southern United States (Blooms of the Peninsula), France (Parisian Countryside), Italy (Treasures of Tuscany), and California (Sunshine Harvest).

Peach roses in full bloom added feminine charm to this Tuscan cheese platter (Photo courtesy of Sincerely, Sara D.)

We invite you to revisit their beautiful homes of these stylists, as we conclude this inspiring decorating tour. Read This Entry

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Around the World with Balsam Hill

Many of Balsam Hill’s foliage and décor collections can evoke the distinct looks of beautiful places across the globe. Our Brand Ambassador Courtney, and 4 guest bloggers will be decorating their homes in these unique styles with our Around the World blog tour.

Blogger partners for our Around the World campaign

From August 28 to September 1, join in as they take us on an exciting decorating journey by featuring different looks inspired by exotic locales and well-loved regions around the globe.

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Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

5 ways to get the French Country Cottage look with Balsam Hill

My look is a mix of French country and cottage style with a sprinkle of romance. It is a style that is inviting and charming and elegant, and a little bit rustic at the same time. I definitely go for mixing rather than matching in terms of my decor.

And today, I am sharing 5 pieces at Balsam Hill that I love and that are perfect for adding a little bit of French Country Cottage to your home. Read This Entry

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Balsam Hill’s Entryways of Summer: A Wrap-up of the Season’s Welcome

As the seasons changed, we had seven talented blogger friends greet summer with beautifully decorated homes in our Entryways of Summer blog hop. Featuring Balsam Hill’s florals, topiaries and home accessories, this tour was brimming with creative ideas and inspiration on how to decorate our surroundings for the season.

Cheery and realistic topiaries added vibrant color to this entryway

Read on and find out how summer made a lovely entrance in the homes of our talented blogger partners.

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Entryways of Summer: Greeting a New Season with Balsam Hill

As spring turns into summer, the sun shines brighter and warmer. School is out and the children are home, which means more time to make memories together as a family. As the vibrant new season begins, join us in Entryways of Summer, a blog tour running from June 26 to 30 and featuring seven guest bloggers ready to welcome the sun.

Balsam Hill's Entryways of Summer
With a focus on bright exteriors of the home — entryways, foyers, porches and patios—our blogger friends will be decorating with beautiful florals, topiaries, and elegant décor from Balsam Hill. We hope our talented guest bloggers will inspire you to infuse the brilliance of summer into your home. Read This Entry

Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

Simple and easy DIY to create a beautiful bouquet with faux blooms

Let’s be honest: creating a beautiful bouquet to use in decorating or for a special day can be a bit daunting and expensive.  Especially if you are like me and love those most amazing flowers – peonies. Peonies are romantic and beautiful, and some of the most loved flowers, but can be quite expensive. They are only available for such a short time a couple times a year, and in some areas can cost up to $20 a stem for those delightful blooms.

So today I am talking about a simple, easy, and economical way to get that fresh peony arrangement look any time of the year, all year long – more inexpensively than paying $20 a stem for them. And in just a few easy steps. Read This Entry

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6 Ways to Decorate Shelves Around Your Home

Shelves are more than just storage areas. They can be decorative spaces that are perfect for showcasing your favorite things. In this article, Balsam Hill offers useful decorating tips to help you make the most out of your open shelving.

Photo courtesy of Nest of Posies

What objects would display well on your shelf? How should you arrange them? Find out as we discuss the answers below and feature shelves styled beautifully by our blogger partners.

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