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A collection of decorating ideas that give your home that signature Balsam Hill elegance

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This Year’s Trend-Setting Fall Wreaths

Let your autumn decorations create a welcoming ambiance for your home. Transform your entryway, dining room, and living room into inviting spaces with fall wreaths in vibrant hues and trendsetting designs. Display these lifelike wreaths along with flameless candles to enhance the homey atmosphere that is perfect for cozy gatherings.


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3 Reasons to Decorate Your Home with Flameless Candles

Candles are great additions to your décor theme because they provide warm ambient lighting. Keeping candles lit has become more convenient with the development of flameless candle technology, which emits a soft light that’s virtually indistinguishable from real candles. Here are 3 reasons to inspire you to decorate different areas of your home with candles.

To Create a Warm Welcome

Candles help set a relaxed mood for any occasion. Make your guests feel at home by placing candle lanterns in your entryway. With a vintage appeal that is sophisticated and soothing to the eyes, these holders can be used both indoors or just outside your door for an ambience that is friendly and inviting.


Outdoor Cast Metal and Teak Lantern set atop an outdoor, wooden table

Placing lanterns on your window sills is another way to heighten the homey feel. Most lanterns come with covers to protect the candles within from wind or rain.

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Expert Tips On Matching A Vase To Your Flower Arrangement [VIDEO]

Decorative vases provide a beautiful home for your fresh or faux flowers. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose from. There are vases made of different materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, clay, rattan, and non-rusting metals like aluminum, brass, bronze, or stainless steel.

Instantly liven up any room or add some accent to your decor with a flower arrangement in a vase. The following video can give you some ideas on matching different containers to different flower stems.

When choosing your vase, consider the length of the stems as well as the colors and sizes of the flowers you’ll use. You can stick to a palette of similar hues, or use complementing colors to come up with striking designs.

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Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

Entertaining on the Patio with Fairy Lights

Entertaining outdoors is always on the agenda in summer. By adding a few extra twinkly touches, you can create a lovely ambience and magic for a night to remember.

fairy light cloches

I am sharing 4 elements that I used for the centerpiece to create an inviting ambience for this table recently. And the best part? It is so easy to recreate the look.

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Create Arrangements Like A Pro Using Artificial Flower Stems [VIDEO]

Flower stems are quite literally the foundation of any artificial flower arrangement, as they are the ones that hold up our beloved blooms. That being said, their role is not only limited to support — there are ways that you can decorate with floral stems to create a stunning display for your home.

Stems and artificial flower arrangement

The video above is an excellent start to knowing how best to prop up your faux florals, but there are also a variety of ways you can play around them in order to make even the barest of arrangements into an impressive statement. Here are a few:

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13 Floral Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

Be inspired to add touches of floral decor throughout your home with beautiful displays by our blogger friends. Here are some design ideas to incorporate flower arrangements, wreaths, and greenery to your home decorating.

Plan a Wonderful First Impression

First impressions are important—and for your home, it will most certainly come from the entryway. A great way to design this is based on how you would like to be greeted each time you enter your home. Do you want a relaxed welcome or a more vibrant reception?

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The Most Lifelike Flowers Ever [VIDEO]

So Realistic You Can’t Tell the Difference

Balsam Hill’s handcrafted flowers are long-lasting, never fading or wilting. Low maintenance, no watering or trimming required, and pollen free with no removal or fallout. Our collection recreates the look of real flowers in various stages of bloom and has been curated by design experts for stunning beauty and realism.

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Designer Spotlight: Courtney’s French Country Florals

As the founder of lifestyle blog French Country Cottage and editor of Romantic Homes magazine, Courtney is known for bringing chic aesthetics and vintage elegance to her designs. In this video, you’ll get to know her creative process and inspirations for her first line of artificial florals with Balsam Hill.

From Home Décor to Floral Design

From renovating her 1940s home to creating her own line of home decorations, Courtney’s designs have a refined yet rustic French Country feel. Her signature style is present in her work as a freelance photographer, brand stylist, and writer—for which she constantly searches new sources of inspiration. “I draw my inspiration for the creative process with what’s around me—with nature, with anything I’m working on, [or] when I’m traveling,” she explains. “Or at home, it may be something as simple as how the light hits the floor when it bounces through the French doors. I’m just inspired constantly. That’s why I have my camera with me all the time, because I want to capture those things that inspire me.”

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4 Ways To Refresh Your Home With Spring Decorations

After bidding winter goodbye and with spring in full swing, you can easily refresh your home interiors with ready-to-display spring decorations. Channel the breathtaking beauty of the season into your rooms, and even your outdoor spaces, with spring-inspired floral arrangements and décor.

Marseille Meadow Garland

The Marseille Meadow Garland as rustic mantel décor. Photo from Liz Marie Blog

Replace Red with Green

Start by switching red décor that warmed up your home during the colder season for green-colored pieces. Green represents nature, renewal, and energy to instantly breathe new life into your interiors.

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