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3 Reasons to Decorate Your Home with Flameless Candles

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Candles are great additions to your décor theme because they provide warm ambient lighting. Keeping candles lit has become more convenient with the development of flameless candle technology, which emits a soft light that’s virtually indistinguishable from real candles. Here are 3 reasons to inspire you to decorate different areas of your home with candles.

To Create a Warm Welcome

Candles help set a relaxed mood for any occasion. Make your guests feel at home by placing candle lanterns in your entryway. With a vintage appeal that is sophisticated and soothing to the eyes, these holders can be used both indoors or just outside your door for an ambience that is friendly and inviting.

Outdoor Cast Metal and Teak Lantern set atop an outdoor, wooden table

Placing lanterns on your window sills is another way to heighten the homey feel. Most lanterns come with covers to protect the candles within from wind or rain.

Miracle Flame LED Window Candles in front of a frosted window

To Have a Lovely Dining Experience

A candlelight setup makes a stylish centerpiece on your dining table. Use wine glasses, flutes, or other glass containers as a unique way to house your candles and give your space that festive yet relaxed ambience. You can also choose simple and versatile metal-and-glass candle holders that can match any tablescape theme.

Liberty Double-Walled Beverage Tumbler offers the floral tablescape a gleaming bronze accent

For meals held al fresco, the gentle glimmer of candlelight can complement your natural surroundings. In an outdoor setting, enhance your dinner experience under a starry sky with flameless candles that won’t easily topple over or be blown out by the wind.

Peach Blossom Candle Rings complementing the natural backdrop of an outdoor dinner

For more formal settings, tall elegant candlesticks are a classic addition to your table setting. Place them beside one or a few flower arrangements for a beautifully styled look.

Garden Hurricanes give your flameless candles an elegant container to place around the table

To Establish a Cozy Mood

The soft, flickering light of a candle can also be a calming sight when you relax during quiet evenings. Display sturdy candle holders in your living room and lounge or reading area. Place them on a mantel or high shelf to lend a cozy ambience to your space.

Faux Bois Candle Holders give your candles a boost on their ambient appeal

Once October rolls in, you can spice up your décor with candles and candleholders that complement the autumn season and Halloween holiday.

Halloween Night Candle Rings add an eerie elegance to your festivities

To create more flair during festive occasions, pair your candles with metallic LED candleholders that instantly add charm and glamour to your room.

Frosted Gold Wax Pillar Candles glisten alongside the soft glow of its wick

Discover more flameless candles and candleholders for your home at Balsam Hill. How do you decorate with candles? Share your design tips in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful lightening the house, I thought this is the awesome decoration of the Christmas tree. All candles are looking bright. How can you decorate this? I am just astonished. Your tutorial helps me more upcoming Christmas day to decor my house.

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