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When to Take Down Your Christmas Tree: A Detailed Guide on Disassembling Your Balsam Hill Christmas Tree and Décor Storage Tips

Putting up decorations plays a key role in making Christmas magical. Therefore, it’s only natural we don’t look forward to taking them down. However, we must face the inevitable—the day we need to pack up the tree. But first, let’s answer the big question:

When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

We gathered nearly 150 opinions on the matter to get a definitive answer. We found that most people take their Christmas tree down after New Year’s Day, sometime in the first week of January. More than half of them take down their trees on January 5th, 6th, or 7th. These days are important as they fall on or after the Twelfth Night of Christmas, a religious tradition.

When to take down your Christmas tree chart

Here are the most common days people take down their trees and why.

  • December 26 – Some take down their trees and décor the day after Christmas. This is to make way for New Year festivities.
  • December 31 – A lesser-known practice is taking down Christmas trees and décor on New Year’s Eve. Doing so symbolizes a fresh start. Meanwhile, there’s a superstitious belief that leaving Christmas décor up past this date brings bad luck.
  • The Twelfth Night – Dating back to the fourth century is the Christian tradition that trees should stay up until the Twelfth Night after Christmas. This occasion commemorates the day the Three Wise Men paid homage to the infant Jesus. However, there are two angles to consider:
    • January 5 – The Church of England counts from Christmas day, so the Twelfth Night falls on January 5.
    • January 6 – On another note, the Catholic Church counts the Twelfth Night from December 26, the day after Christmas. This day also marks the Epiphany, an ancient Christian feast. It commemorates the visit of the Three Kings to Jesus in Bethlehem. Also, it is the day John the Baptist baptized Jesus.
  • January 7 – Considered the day after the Epiphany, this marks the official end of all Christmas festivities for many.
Taking down the Christmas Tree

The Outliers

When it comes to opinions on Christmas timelines, there are those that fall outside of the majority. Some put the tree away on Christmas day, while others keep it up for longer. Those who want to continue savoring the festive spirit keep their décor up past January. (While not counted in our data, apparently, Mariah Carey falls firmly in this group).

Mariah Carey Tweet

Also, there are those who have a more practical approach. They base their decorating timeline on how their fresh-cut tree fares. The holidays are over when it dries out and becomes a fire hazard.

Expert Tip: Real Christmas trees become a fire hazard after the five-week mark. If you want to keep your tree up longer, choose from Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas trees. We craft them  from fire-retardant materials, making them a safer option. Plus, an artificial centerpiece lasts for years with the proper maintenance.

There’s no right or wrong answer to when to take down Christmas decorations. It is simply a matter of aligning your beliefs and schedule. Then, find the opportunity (and courage) to say goodbye to your Christmas tree and all the trimmings.

How to Take Down a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

Now that you’ve decided when to take down your Christmas tree and décor, here’s how to keep the process simple. Designer Jennifer Lutz shows you how to disassemble different types of Balsam Hill Christmas trees. When you’re done watching the video, scroll down for detailed steps and the best Christmas tree storage tips. Remember that storing them properly is key to enjoying your décor for longer.

Expert Tip: Balsam Hill trees come with a pair of protective gloves. Make sure to wear them before disassembling your centerpiece. Also, have your Christmas tree storage bag and décor containers handy.

How to Take Down and Store a Balsam Hill Flip Tree®

Balsam Hill Flip Trees feature innovative technology that simplifies the setup and storage process. It has a built-in rolling stand that lets you take it in and out of storage easily. Pack up and store your Flip Tree with these steps:

Step 1: Press or step down on the wheels to lock the brakes.

Step 2: Unplug the tree.

Step 3: Detach the top section of the tree.

Step 4: Turn over the top section and gently compress the branches.

Step 5: Place the top section in its own storage bag.

Step 6: Spread apart the branches in the bottom section to make way for the Flip Tree track.

Step 7: Press or step down on the foot pedal while pulling the center pole towards you.

Step 8: Flip the bottom tree section over into storage position.

Step 9: Gather the light cord. Secure it with a twist tie or rubber band.

Step 10: Place the light cord within the tree.

Step 11: Enclose the bottom half of the tree in its storage bag.

Step 12: Place the elastic collar around the top of the tree.

Step 13: Tuck the branches in the bag and secure it with the Velcro closure.

Step 14: Buckle and tighten all the straps to keep the tree compact and ready to store.

Expert Tip: Store small items like gloves, extra bulbs, and remote controls in the small bag and attach it to the main one.

Step 15: Unlock the wheels and roll your tree into storage, together with the other bag containing its upper section.

How to Take Down and Store a Traditional Pre-Lit Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

There are two types of traditional pre-lit Christmas trees. We design our Easy Plug® Christmas trees with pre-made light connections inside the trunk. Meanwhile, a classic pre-lit, non-Easy Plug tree has light strings that require manual connection.

Step 1:

  • For an Easy Plug tree, turn off the lights and unplug the tree before dismantling it.
  • For a pre-lit, non-Easy Plug tree, detach the light connections between the sections.
  • If your tree isn’t pre-lit and you strung your own lights, remove the lights first and store them separately.

Step 2: Use both hands to gently compress foliage on each branch before detaching each section.

Step 3: Take each section apart from the tree.

Step 4: Flip each section over and gently compress the branches. Set each section aside.

Step 5: Loosen the eye bolt in the stand and pull the bottom tree section out.

Step 6: Place the bolt and stand inside their own storage bag. Secure the bolt to the carabiner inside the tree stand bag.

Expert Tip: Another way to secure the eye bolt is to attach it to the tree stand instead.

Step 7: Cover the bottom of each tree section with the attached caps.

Step 8: Tie a ribbon or cord around the tree sections to secure the branches.

Step 9: Open your storage bag and place the bottom section into the bag first. When placing in the bag, alternate each section as if they were a pair of shoes in a box.

Step 10: For larger trees, place the odd-numbered sections in one bag, and the even-numbered sections in the other.

Step 11: Seal the bags properly and store.

Christmas Décor Storage Tips and Organizing Ideas

Featured: Balsam Hill Christmas Tree and Décor Storage

1. Preserve the shape and form of your trees and greenery by using bags specifically designed for them. Balsam Hill’s Flip Trees come with their own rolling Christmas tree storage bag. Meanwhile, all other trees come with off-season storage bag(s). For added protection, choose from our selection of premium artificial Christmas tree storage boxes and bags.

Meanwhile, we also offer heavy-duty Christmas décor storage for greenery and accessories. Choose from padded wreath bags, versatile storage boxes, and rolling storage chests.

Featured: Wreath & Garland Rolling Storage Chest, Deluxe Rolling Ornament Chest, Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag, and Wreath Storage Bag

2. Protect fragile ornaments by using storage with compartments for each piece. Balsam Hill Christmas ornament storage containers are designed with dividers, removable trays, and stackable layers for safe and easy organization.

Featured: Deluxe Rolling Ornament Chest

3. Use clear plastic bins for tree accessories like ribbons, picks, garlands, toppers, and tree skirts. Not only can you see what they contain, these versatile boxes are easy to stack and label.

4. Label each container with printed stickers or simply use masking tape and permanent marker. For better organization, create an inventory list with the contents of each box and year of purchase. This will help keep track of what you have on-hand.

Featured: Deluxe Rolling Ornament Chest

5. The best way to store a Christmas tree and décor is to place them in a cool and dry area. Ideally, it should be in a spare bedroom or closet. Once you’ve chosen a location, designate a space for your holiday décor. This will make it easier to take them out of storage for next season.

Featured: Balsam Hill Flip Tree Storage, Deluxe Rolling Ornament Chest, and Wreath & Garland Rolling Storage Chest,

6. Keep decorations away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight as these can cause damage and discoloration to artificial trees and greenery.

We hope these décor and Christmas tree storage tips help you pack up and organize with ease. If they do, share this guide with anyone who needs it.

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  1. Geri Pocilujko Reply

    It should stay up ’til January 6th – the Feast of 3 Kings

  2. On the twelfth day or later. Cried this year as it was my first with a Balsam Hill tree. It was so beautiful I wanted to leave it up and decorate for Valentines Day, then Easter, the 4th of July. , etc. etc.

  3. We normally take it down the first weekend of the new year(second if the new starts on a Friday,Saturday or Sunday) but it has been crazy lately so we have yet to take down our balsam hill tree but we already got rid of our live tree 🌲

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