While most of us enjoy putting up decorations, many do not look forward to seeing the magic of Christmas go. However, the time comes when we have to un-decorate the house and take down the tree.

The big question at the center of these tasks is:

When Should You Take Your Christmas Tree Down?

We hunted down nearly 150 opinions on the matter to crowdsource a definitive answer. An overwhelming majority of people take their Christmas tree down at some point after New Year’s Day, but still during the first week of January.

When to take down your Christmas tree chart

Why Take the Trees Down at that Time?

Part of the reason lies with the sentiment that with the new year comes a fresh start. Putting away the holiday décor from last year’s festivities helps to jump into the new year. However, there’s also a traditional and religious basis for this time frame.

Of the group that prefers to take down their trees in the first week of January, more than half of them specified that they take down their tree on January 5th, 6th, or 7th. These days are important as they are during or immediately after the 12th Day of Christmas (on January 5th) or the Feast of Epiphany (on January 6th).

These two holidays are traditionally the definitive end to the Christmas season and are still celebrated by many religious and cultural groups today. That’s why these are the most common days to wrap up festivities and put away the decorations.

Taking down the Christmas Tree

The Outliers

There are also some individuals that fall well outside of the majority when it comes to opinions on Christmas timelines, with a few fastidious souls packing up and putting the tree away ON Christmas Day! Others refuse to let it go so quickly and keep their decor up well past January, savoring the festive spirit for as long as possible. (While not counted in our data, apparently Mariah Carey falls firmly in this group).

Mariah Carey Tweet

Aside from those who base their timeframes on the calendar, there is also a small subset of utilitarian folks who base their decorations on how their fresh-cut tree fares. The holiday season is over when the tree dries out and becomes a fire hazard.

The Best Time to Take Down Christmas Decorations

Interestingly, most people can cite a specific day where they like to take down the tree and put away decorations. But many also commented that they often fall short of their organizational goals here.

Whether due to seasonal busyness, family events, or even purely emotional reasons, it can be difficult to get around to the task of putting an official end to the Christmas season. These issues are nothing if not relatable.

So whether you take down your Christmas tree in the first week of January or don’t get around to it ‘til a bit later, know that you are in good company. Taking down the Christmas tree and decor well after you intended is practically a holiday tradition too.

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  1. Geri Pocilujko Reply

    It should stay up ’til January 6th – the Feast of 3 Kings

  2. On the twelfth day or later. Cried this year as it was my first with a Balsam Hill tree. It was so beautiful I wanted to leave it up and decorate for Valentines Day, then Easter, the 4th of July. , etc. etc.

  3. We normally take it down the first weekend of the new year(second if the new starts on a Friday,Saturday or Sunday) but it has been crazy lately so we have yet to take down our balsam hill tree but we already got rid of our live tree 🌲

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