Proper storage is very important for maintaining the beautiful look of your artificial trees, foliage, and ornaments. Unlike cardboard boxes or plastic bags, high quality Christmas storage containers provide your valuable holiday decorations with better protection against damage, dirt, and moisture. In this post, we review a selection of smart storage solutions and the reasons you may want to consider investing in them.

Foliage Storage On The Go

Rolling Multi-Purpose Greenery Bag
Store a small Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands together in our Rolling Greenery Bag.

If you own a number of artificial foliage, then our premium Rolling Multi-Purpose Greenery Bag is a great option. Its large size allows you to store wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees all in one container. An inner compression system secures foliage pieces in place and sturdy wheels make moving around quick and easy.

Easy Topiary Storage

Expandable Topiary Storage Bag
Our Expandable Topiary Storage Bag offers ample storage space for your topiary tree.

For topiaries and potted Christmas trees up to six feet, check out our Expandable Topiary Storage Bag. This protective bag features two expandable sections to accommodate potted trees up to 6 feet in height. Once your tree is all bundled up, the sturdy handles allow easy transport to your storage space.

Convenient Christmas Tree Storage

Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag
Choose Balsam Hill’s Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag for maximum mobility.

With our Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag, you enjoy a convenient combination of protection and portability. You won’t need to disassemble your tree when storing it. Simply put the tree on the rolling stand, zip the bag up, and roll it to its designated space. Next holiday season, just roll it out, add your favorite ornaments, and you’re good to go.

Preserve the Beauty of Your Wreaths

Wreath Storage Bag
The Wreath Storage Bag comes in several sizes to fit your wreaths perfectly.

Our Wreath Storage Bag helps retain the shape of your wreaths while keeping their lights and decorations intact. Designed with an interior hanger, this durable bag keeps wreaths in a stable upright position to better support their structure. The curved carrying handle allows hanging on hooks behind doors or along walls. This saves you space and prevents your wreath from getting crushed inadvertently.

Organize and Protect Ornaments Efficiently

Rolling Ornament Chest
Our Rolling Ornament Chest provides a compact storage solution for your decorations

Our Deluxe Rolling Ornament Chest is specially designed to efficiently organize your favorite ornaments and protect them from dust and damage. It has removable handled trays with adjustable, fabric-lined dividers, and a front storage pocket to hold your tree skirt and other small items.

Consider investing in premium Christmas storage bags to keep your holiday decorations looking their best for many seasons to come. Visit Balsam Hill and find other great storage options for your post-Christmas cleanup.

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