Tree Care Tips: How to Keep Your Artificial Tree Looking Fresh

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Although your artificial Christmas trees won’t wither away if you don’t prune or water them, they’ll still look better without that layer of dust. With a little time and effort, you can easily maintain the beauty of your artificial Christmas tree.

Use upright container bags to store trees that don’t separate into parts
Our upright Rolling Storage Tree Bag to store trees that don’t separate into parts

Find out how to care for your tree properly so it’ll remain as beautiful as when you first bought it.

Use storage bags

Our artificial Christmas trees come with storage bags which can protect your trees from dust and direct sunlight until the next holiday. Not only will this extend the “life” of your tree, but will also help maintain its original quality. We also recommend keeping the original boxes the tree came in to use as storage containers during the off-season.

Remove dust

Over time, a fine layer of dust will accumulate on your artificial trees. Prevent this build-up of dirt by using a dry cloth or feather duster to clean your tree, especially before placing it in storage.

Keep away from sunlight

Sunlight may be good for the body but it definitely isn’t good for your artificial tree. Exposure to heat or humidity may cause its material to warp from its original shape. Minimize this type of damage by storing your artificial tree in a cool, dry place.

Adopting these measures will help ensure a gorgeous tree display for a number of seasons.

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