The tricky time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is upon us. The time of year where we are transitioning between fall and winter, and so is our decor.

Orchard Harvest Foliage

Personally, I’m a jump-right-into-subtle-Christmas-decor-and-eat-my-turkey-under-some-mistletoe kind of girl. But I think this transition period in our decor can be quite simple and adjustable by our personal preferences.

Orchard Harvest centerpiece foliage

Here are a few quick tips to give this time between the holidays it’s beautiful own moment in your home be creating a lovely blend between fall and Christmas that perfectly mixes your style with the season…

Transition from fall to winter

1. Mix some winter greens with some fall fruits.

I love the mix of pine and golden pears in the Orchard Harvest Garland.

Decorate for fall and winter

2. Add tons of cozy textures in preparation for the colder months.

Bring in those wool knits, pom pillows, and all the fluffy texture that makes you want to cozy up while watching all those holiday movies.

3. Mix in some winter metals.

Personally, I’m a lover of warm metal like antique gold or brass. But I also love mixing in matte black metal accessories like candlesticks. BONUS TIP: Mercury glass is also a great texture to add here.

Orchard Harvest Garland

Decor for fall to winter

I always thought that decor had to be one season or the other, but the blend can be the perfect place to rest this time of year.

xx Liz Marie

You can see more of our home daily on my blog, Other evergreen and fall fruit foliage combinations can be found at Balsam Hill

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  1. Linda Beckman Reply

    I am currently interested in Christmas decorating, as the season is upon us. I have always decorated my entire house, including bathrooms, for all holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday, though. And since it is fast approaching, I’d like to begin decorating very soon. Goodness knows, it’s a busy enough season to prepare for, without procrastinating for very long before beginning. I’ve been looking all over the internet for new ideas and inspirations, as I love to add something new each year.

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