Coming from its roots in early modern Germany, the Christmas tree became a holiday staple in households in the 19th century, and has even become a tradition in almost every part of the world. Its popularity led to the production of a variety of Christmas trees — some traditional, unusual, spectacular, and with our list, downright expensive.

Galeries Lafayette
Every year, the Galeries Lafayette in Paris showcases a giant Christmas tree.

Take a look at some of the most expensive Christmas trees ever made, proving that the fruit-and-candle decorated trees of times past have come a long way.

Christmas Tree at Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The United Arab Emirates is known to have a taste for luxury with its 7-star hotels, ultramodern architecture, and numerous high-end establishments. It is no surprise that one of the most expensive Christmas trees can be found in this part of the world. The Christmas tree at the Emirates Palace Hotel in the capital of Abu Dhabi is worth millions, worthy of the UAE’s reputation for luxury. The tree itself is natural but the precious gold, diamond, emerald, and other expensive decorations make this 13-foot tree a true gem, worth well over $11.4M.

Christmas Tree by Soo Kee Jewellery Shop, Singapore

Singapore is fast becoming a true diamond of Asia and in a timely fashion, it has produced a spectacular 20-foot tree that is an enchanting piece on its own. Soo Kee Jewellery created a dazzling Christmas tree that looks at most delicate and otherworldly with its sparkling silver tone and intricate details. Around 21,798 precious diamonds make up the tree mixed with approximately 3,000 or so crystals to enhance the dazzle factor. This enchanting piece, worth $1M, can be found at the upscale Bugis Junction in the island state.

Christmas Tree by Ginza Tanaka Jewelry, Tokyo, Japan

Ever fancied a Christmas tree made of 24-carat gold? Japan jeweler Ginza Tanaka, who specializes in gold jewelry, made such an item three times! The first luxury Christmas tree they made stood at around 2 meters high and cost a staggering $850,000. Trumping that, they made another Christmas tree for a different year costing $1.9M. More recently, in line with the commemoration of Walt Disney’s 110th anniversary, another golden Christmas tree was commissioned, this time worth approximately $4.2M and featuring well-loved Disney characters as points of interest.

Christmas Tree by Steve Quick, Chicago, IL, USA

What started off as a bid against cancer became one of the most expensive Christmas trees in history. Steve Quick, a company based in Chicago, IL, created a tree from solid 18-karat gold. A 4.52- carat stone set in a star made of platinum sits atop the golden tree, while200 carats worth of diamonds and diamond-briolette ornaments were added to complete the über de luxe piece worth around $500,000. The Christmas tree was eventually auctioned off and the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society—a luxury for a cause.

Christmas Tree at Sofitel London St. James Hotel, London

At first glance, one might think the black tree at the Sofitel London St. James to be an unassuming piece. It is visually appealing, yes, but upon closer inspection, a guest would get to see why the tree is able to command such a price. Hanging on the tree “branches” are bottles upon bottles of 24-carat containers filled with small amounts of the high-end Grand-Champagne Cognac Louis XIII. This creative addition explains the hefty $55,000 price tag.

With more designers creating luxurious pieces, Christmas trees have become a symbol of people’s desire to celebrate Christmas in style. May these trees be an inspiration for you to be more creative and dedicated in decorating for the holiday season.

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