6 Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining

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‘Tis the season for all things merry and bright… and if you are like me, you might have some holiday parties and entertaining on the calendar as well.

Artificial garland as table runner for holiday entertaining

This time of year is so full of magic and wonder and beauty – and busy. So something I like to do to keep the to-do list under control when it comes to entertaining is to tackle a few things ahead of time, and use some of my secrets for easy holiday entertaining.

1. Go faux

Artificial garland as tablerunner

We are talking faux garland here. On the table, nothing is more gorgeous at Christmas time than a beautiful fresh garland down the center as a starting point for your table setting. But you know what, you can’t leave that garland there for too long as it will start to dry out. So the best alternative? Going faux. A faux garland such as this magnolia garland is beautiful and it will last all season long. You can also use a faux pine garland and tuck flowers and other festive accents into it right before the party.

2. Bring on the candles

Outdoor holiday entertaining table-setting

I love incorporating lanterns and candles on the table, and with the realistic Miracle Flame faux candles I can leave them flickering away all night long without worry of them starting a fire or melting down to nothing.

3. Serve it up casual style

Serve crackers, nuts, dried fruits, and cheese with wine

Who doesn’t love to nibble on delicious bits like nuts, dried fruits, and a sampling of decadent cheeses? Cheese and fruit boards are a big hit in our house, and this one is so easy to put together and serve. Grab your favorites and arrange on this Wine Barrel Lazy Susan for a bit of extra charm and fun.

Nuts, dried fruits, and cheese on a serving platter

4. Add a little twinkle magic

Ambiance is always key to any successful dinner party or event, but stringing lights takes some planning ahead and may involve a bit of untangling and frustration. A simple and easy solution that adds an abundance of charm without all the tangles is a beautiful Fairy String Light Cloche. They come in 2 sizes and even better, they are battery operated which means you can march several of them down the table and enjoy their glow easily.

Lights in cloches to decorate your holiday celebrations

5. Keep it simple

When it comes to food planning and desserts, keep it simple. They don’t have to be involved to make or take days of cooking and baking ahead of time. A favorite last minute tip is to purchase a bakery dessert and customize it with berries, chocolate scrapings, or even a delicious salted caramel sauce.

Simple pie on cake stand to

6. Relax and enjoy

Perhaps the best tip for easy entertaining during the holidays is to do as much as you can ahead of time—food, ambience, table setting, etc.—so that you can relax and enjoy the evening with friends and family instead of spending the party running back and forth from the kitchen.

Table set for holiday entertaining

Christmas is such a magic-filled wonderful time of year. Wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas season!!


  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful tips for housewives, I will definitely share this article to my mom, she has been retired for a long time and she really likes everything that is connected with the decor. She has been writing fairy tales for children for several years, and in her spare time she likes to decorate the house and the garden. It was difficult to teach her how to use the computer, but fortunately I got it 🙂 It will be very cool if she decorates our house with some tips from your articles. Once again I want to say thank you very much for sharing this!

  2. Hi Janice!
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful note!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the post and tips- and how fun to share with your mom too! Maybe you two will have fun working on a fun decorating project together soon!

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