Balsam Hill’s Rolling Multipurpose Greenery Bag
Store your foliage décor properly to retain its shape and beauty.

Christmas is one of the most memorable occasions of the year. Taking down your Christmas ornaments and other decorations as the celebrations wind down is almost melancholic. However, knowing that your décor is safe and stored properly for next year’s festivities is a comforting thought. This thought might even help you get through the post-holiday blues.

In this post, we will show you a variety of Christmas storage bags for your treasured décor, and why you should consider investing in one or several of them.

Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Balsam Hill Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag
Choose Balsam Hill’s Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag for maximum mobility.

Aside from the durable materials that make up Balsam Hill’s Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag, its rolling stand makes it a convenient solution. Featuring two size variants that accommodate 9-foot tall trees in widths of 60 and 70 inches, it’s just the right size for any tree, big or small. Add to those the bag’s heavy-duty handles, neutral black fabric, and robust zippers and you have a storage companion that will serve you for years.

The bag’s convenience and mobility equal its simplicity. When decorating your home for the holidays, all you need to do is pull down the collapsible bag and store it under your tree skirt. Putting your tree away is just as easy. After removing the ornaments and the tree top, pull the bag up over the tree and roll into storage.

Topiary/Potted Tree Storage Bag

TreeKeeper Foyer Tree Bag from Balsam Hill
The TreeKeeper Foyer Tree Bag from Balsam Hill doubles as a decorative tree skirt.

For topiaries and small potted Christmas trees, the TreeKeeper Foyer Tree Bag is an excellent storage option. Specifically designed for long-term storage of potted trees, the construction of this Christmas tree storage bag was inspired by durability and convenience. Its unique design allows it to act as a decorative tree skirt, eliminating the need to remove the bag from the tree after tree setup.

If your tree has a decorative base, the Foyer Tree Bag can also be pulled upwards during tree setup. It can also cover your tree from the top downwards, tying it at the base, before storage. A simple and effective Christmas tree storage option, the TreeKeeper Foyer Tree Bag is an invaluable holiday accessory.

Wreath Storage Bag

Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag
The Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag is designed to retain your wreath’s shape.

Christmas ornament storage is not complete without your wreath’s very own bag. Custom-designed in three sizes to fit 30, 36, or 48-inch wreaths, Balsam Hill’s Wreath Storage Bag will ensure that your wreath retains its shape for many holiday seasons.

Meticulously handcrafted from 600D polyester, the bag comes in a neutral but festive burgundy color. The hollow middle of the wreath during storage can also double as a mini compartment for your smaller ornaments. Just make sure to wrap each ornament in newspaper or old wrapping paper to protect them from scuffs.

Rolling Multipurpose Greenery Bag

Balsam Hill Rolling Multipurpose Greenery Bag
The Balsam Hill Rolling Multipurpose Greenery Bag allows you to store a small tree, wreaths, and garlands together.

For the ultimate in mobility and storage, Balsam Hill’s Rolling Multipurpose Greenery Bag is your best bet. A spacious interior and wide-access opening ensure handy Christmas tree storage for artificial trees up to 12 feet tall. An inner compression mechanism secures your foliage décor in place, allowing you to store wreaths and garlands together with a smaller tree.

Two sturdy wheels give you the freedom to move your tree anywhere around your home, and the resilient 600D polyester fabric from which it is crafted gives it unmatched durability. The festive burgundy color of this greenery bag adds a dash of holiday cheer, making it the perfect addition to your Christmas decorating paraphernalia.

These are but a few of the storage options Balsam Hill offers that can help you with your post-holiday clean-up. Decorative boxes and containers may suffice for storage of smaller ornaments, but Christmas storage bags and boxes specifically designed to house certain types of décor will ensure that you enjoy your holiday décor’s beauty for many years. Consider investing in high-quality storage solutions and reap the benefits year after year.

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