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The Balsam Hill Traveler: Norway

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Deep within the valleys and fjords of Northern Europe lies one of the world’s most captivating winter paradises: the magnificent kingdom of Norway. Throughout the centuries, this affluent Scandinavian country has been the center of rich traditions and luxurious holiday celebrations. It is also the home for some of the best live Christmas trees in history.

In this fourth edition of our Balsam Hill yuletide trees special, your friendly neighborhood traveler visits the beautiful and majestic country of Norway. Take a stroll through the famous Norwegian landscape and marvel at its natural wonders. Find out what makes this great Nordic realm a fine inspiration for our signature Christmas tree designs.

Havens beyond the Fjords

For ardent travelers, one of the most important things they look for in holiday destination is exclusivity. They often prefer a nice quiet stay in a private villa or chalet for an intimate time with family and friends. This is exactly what Norway is known for throughout the world.

With most of its towns nestled in breathtaking fjords, Norway provides travelers with a distinct and exclusive holiday experience. You can have your stay at any of the country’s popular timber houses and inns situated along the coasts and mountainsides. The simplistic style of the buildings as well as their location in these inlets further enhances Norway’s prestige as an excellently hidden winter paradise.

The Sod-Roof Houses of Norway

Another one of Norway’s well-known features is their unique sod-roof house designs. In the early days, Norwegians used to collect a number of firewood just to keep their homes warm during winter. But because of the extreme climates in the north and the scarcity of dry wood, they began lining their roofs with earthen material, such as soil and sod, to conserve the warmth inside their homes.

Not only was this idea effective during winter, the Norwegians soon found out the layer of sod and earth also moderates the temperature within the home even during spring and summer. Today, the concept for this natural humidifier is used for green roofs and roof gardens often incorporated into modern skyscraper designs. Norway’s old sod-roof houses continue to represent the country’s first homes.

Rustic Scandinavian Christmases

Norwegians are particularly known for their fondness of Christmas traditions. Considered as one of the origins of the Santa Claus legend, Norway’s holiday celebrations feature a wide array of colorful displays, such as excellently carved figurines of yuletide characters, fabric-based accents with intricate patterns, and finely woven Christmas baskets.

As far as Christmas tree decorating goes, Norwegians often follow a more simplistic style. In order to create a festive yet heart-warming atmosphere, they combine classic yuletide colors, such as red, green, and natural ornaments made of straw, all included with the pastoral charm of yarn Christmas balls and wooden lanterns.

The Everlasting Charm of the Norwegian Forests

For centuries, Norway has also been known for the quality of its native trees. Various species of timbers, such as birches, oaks, ashes, and spruces, dot the country’s long coasts. One of the most well-known trees of all, the great Norway spruce (Picea abies), is also considered as the finest live Christmas tree in the world.

Every Christmas, the people of Oslo, Norway, send out Norway spruces to other countries, such as the United States and Great Britain, in appreciation for their help during the Second World War. These trees are then place at the most central square of recipient cities to commemorate this long-lasting friendship between peoples.

Balsam Hill’s Vermont Signature® Artificial Christmas Trees

premiere artificial christmas tree
Balsam Hill’s Norway Spruce from the Vermont Signature™ Collection

Transform your home into an ideal holiday retreat with Balsam Hill’s premier Norway Spruce Artificial Christmas tree. As part of our Vermont Signature® line of artificial Christmas trees, this lovely artisan tree is designed to fill your home with the same enchanting appeal as the great winter forests of Norway. Crafted through Balsam Hill’s signature True Needle technology, our Norway Spruce features deep evergreen foliage and branches that recreate the lifelike features of real trees. You can also infuse your favorite holiday display with the sweet fragrance of fresh Christmas trees with our scented ornaments.

For a remarkable holiday experience reminiscent of wintry paradises, adorn your home with our beautiful Norway spruce artificial Christmas tree. You can also try out our other Vermont Signature® trees, such as the Nantucket Blue Spruce, the Red Spruce Slim, the BH Balsam Fir®, and the Vermont White Spruce™. Perfect for any design aesthetic, these fine decorative trees are the ideal centerpiece for your yuletide celebrations.

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