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The Balsam Hill Traveler: Aspen’s Wintry Charm

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As one of the world’s premier ski destinations, Aspen continues to provide travelers with a luxurious winter retreat. Surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains, lush evergreen forests, and deep tranquil lakes, this Rocky Mountain refuge casts the image of an artist’s portrait coming to life. Those who come to visit Aspen are enamored by its enchanting beauty and its secluded sophisticated nature.

For the first edition of our Christmas trees special, the Balsam Hill Traveler journeys through the breathtaking valleys of Aspen, Colorado. We take a closer look at how the natural charm of this winter sanctuary has come to inspire one of Balsam Hill’s exquisite collections of artificial holiday trees: the Aspen Christmas collection.

A Rocky Mountain Shangri-La

From what began as a simple mining village in the 1800s, Aspen has evolved into one of the most sought-after destinations for the holidays. Its pleasant winter climate and numerous scenic routes have made the city an excellent place for mountain lodges and ski resorts.

Here in this Rocky Mountain retreat, holiday travelers can enjoy a taste of the rustic and also have all the amenities of a world-renowned resort. From a hearty breakfast in a lodge to the finest food and accommodations, you can enjoy the comforts of a luxurious stay in Aspen. You can also spend time by the evening fire while admiring the scenic view of the Maroon Bells and the Maroon Lake.

Winter Holiday Homes

Aspen’s famed lodges are noted for their combination of traditional sophistication and pastoral charm. The classical wooden frames add to the coziness of the space while also providing a smooth contrast to the weathered look of stone walls.

These features, coupled with the warm and ambient lighting from rustic chandeliers, help create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere for which Aspen holiday homes are known.

A Living Artwork

The beauty of Aspen lies in how the town is able to blend well with its picturesque surroundings.

Blessed with acres of woodlands, which include several species of natural holiday trees, such as mountain spruces, aspens, and firs, Aspen still retains its urban vibe without undermining its natural appeal. This is clearly seen during autumn and winter when the town comes alive as the seasons change, and it becomes a winter wonderland.

Balsam Hill’s Aspen Christmas™ Collection Artificial Christmas Trees

most realistic aritificial Christmas tree
Balsam Hill’s Aspen Christmas Signature Collection featuring the Colorado Mountain Spruce

In our desire to capture the natural elegance of Aspen for your home, Balsam Hill has designed our premier Aspen Christmas™ Signature Collection . Made through our signature True Needle™ technology, this line of realistic artificial Christmas trees is crafted to fill your home with the same vibrancy as this Colorado retreat. Its deep evergreen foliage and branches recreate the image of live Christmas trees down to the finest details. And with our scented ornaments, you can also recreate the sweet fragrance of fresh holiday trees.

For a yuletide celebration reminiscent of holidays in the Rocky Mountains, highlight your home with our Aspen Christmas Collection trees. Choose from our lovely Castle Peak Pine, Cathedral Fir, Centennial Fir, Colorado Mountain Spruce®, Aspen Silver Fir®, and Aspen Estate Fir™ to complement the timeless allure of your holiday home.

Ideal for traditional and rustic homes, the realistic Christmas trees in our Balsam Hill Aspen Christmas Collection are sure to remind you of the enchanting elegance of Aspen.

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