Shopping for gifts can be challenging, especially if done at the last minute. This holiday gift guide from Balsam Hill will help you get it done right by giving you an idea of gifts that suit different people.

Holiday Gifts for Her

Gifts for the ladies from Balsam Hill

Most women love hosting gatherings and decorating, so it’s wise to look for presents related to entertaining, and home and holiday décor. We divided the category further to cater to women with different interests.

For the Hostess / Entertainer

For someone who loves having people over, the perfect present should be something that is both useful and pretty to set on a tabletop. The fresh and novel stemless etched wine glass is good for party hosts who love to stand out and be unique, while the Santa cookie jar, hot chocolate mugs, Christmas plaid tabletop linens, and the Lynn Haney Santa Sea Towels are great for those who simply love the Christmas season.

For the loved one who throws the best wine and cheese nights, you can choose from Balsam Hill’s jeweled wine stoppers, leather wine carrier, antique brass wine stopper holder, Laguiole cheese knives, or the wine barrel cheese tray to show your appreciation for her hard work.

You can also select a gift for her from these gorgeous decorative candles, which are perfect for creating a relaxing party ambience.

For the Decorator and Collector

We all love a beautifully decorated home and a lovely Christmas tree. For the person who never fails to give her home amazing makeovers every holiday season, you can select from Balsam Hill’s wide range of hand-painted European glass ornaments to add to her collection. From Santa-themed ones and egg-shaped blown glass ornaments to antique ornament sets and vintage-themed pieces, the gift selection will give you the chance to add a stamp of your personality to her Christmas tree and home. Any unique ornament is a great remembrance of the holidays spent together.

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

holiday gift guide for Him from Balsam Hill

Some men are enamored with finely crafted collectibles. For those who love to collect, these charming Christmas keepsakes can reignite their sense of wonder. Items such as the nativity stable, German pyramid nativity, and the Holy Family with cathedral mirror sets are the perfect complement to their Christmas display. The German cuckoo clock, nutcracker Santa, nutcracker soldier, and wood smoker may be holiday-themed accents, but they can also work all year to highlight the charm of one’s home.

Decorative pillows and throws are also perfect if you know how to pick one that fits his style. No matter what you choose, it’s how these items offer warmth and comfort that’s more important for the men. For those who love relaxing and having picnics outside the house, the Pendleton throw with leather carrier is a gorgeous present. This chic and stylish throw features quality construction that makes it perfect for outdoor use.

A vintage beauty, our Champion Collectors Foosball Table is a great decorative item for the home. The French-made game table is exclusive to Balsam Hill and offers a fun way to enjoy your time with your family or friends.

The Popcorn Maker and Cart are unique home items that you can give your loved ones. With its vintage charm, it can be used as a decorative accent while functioning as an actual popcorn machine.

For more items, you can check out our extensive selection of Christmas gifts. There is something for everybody – from dog owners to lovers of novelty.

Holiday Gifts for Kids

holiday gifts for kids by Balsam Hill

We all know that children love fun and amusement. Balsam Hill offers items that will keep them entertained while feeling the spirit of the season. Our animated Christmas decorations give your home a true holiday ambience with the music, lights, and movement they provide. They are perfect as presents for children to keep them excited and in awe of Christmas.

The Grand Jubilee Carousel, Musical Christmas Tree, Dancing Musical Holiday Bear, Teddy Takes Requests, and Musical Santa in Pick-up Truck showcase a stunning visual treat that will capture the attention of kids of all ages. The Maestro Mouse Presents Lights and Sounds and Symphony of the Bells give your kids memories of a festive Christmas with their enchanting sounds and uplifting Christmas melodies. Mr. Christmas Animated Karaoke and Mr. Christmas Animated Jukebox allow one to choose a song to sing along to. Indeed, Balsam Hill offers fun and exciting presents, not only for children but even for adults who are kids at heart!

Balsam Hill’s Stuffed Christmas Polar Bear is a great way to introduce Santa’s home in the North Pole to toddlers, while the Polar Express™ Toy Train is a thrilling surprise for preschoolers and older.

The enchanting scenery inside our snow globes is sure to fascinate the young ones. Choose from the musical owl, musical cardinal, musical Santa Christmas, and the original Vienna Basilica snow globes to keep the kids happy and mesmerized.

Get started on shopping for the perfect gift today from Balsam Hill through our holiday gift guide.

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