3 Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips Your Guests Will Be Grateful For

The Thanksgiving celebration culminates in a meal for which friends and family gather around as a reminder of bountiful blessings. This makes the dining area all the more important during this celebration.

In this article, we’ll be sharing three inspired tablescaping techniques from our Let’s Give Thanks campaign that can make your Thanksgiving meal all the more special for your friends and loved ones.

Intrigue the Senses

Aside from plating beautiful dishes in your holiday tablescape, adding scents to the scene elevates the dining experience.

A lit candle inside a glass pumpkin filled with chai potpourri makes a unique scent diffuser (Photo courtesy of Thirsty for Tea)

Aromatic tea or fresh fruit can add delightful aromas to a tablescape. Our scent diffuser is also an easy way to incorporate a festive atmosphere in your celebration.

Rosemary sprigs in twine add a hint of freshness to a table setting (Photo courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe)

Garnish with Foliage

Serving as a table runner, divider, and centerpiece rolled into one, a garland effortlessly transforms any surface into a beautiful tablescape almost immediately.

An autumn garland for an effortlessly beautiful tablescape (Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage)
A delightful garland filled with fruits and pinecones serves as a table divider (Photo courtesy of Sincerely, Sara D.)

Garlands are best used on rectangular tables. For round or square tables, wreaths look best.

A burlap runner lies under this festive Charlestown Decorated Wreath (Photo courtesy of Cupcakes and Crinoline)
An antique bowl filled up with an autumn swag and rose blooms for a classic centerpiece (Photo courtesy of Designthusiasm)

Delight in the Details

When tablescaping, it is important to pay attention to the small things. Large ornate centerpieces are wonderful to have, but many times the smaller details are overlooked. Adding thoughtful tweaks show your guests that you care.

This plate stack was curated to match the tones of the centerpiece (Photo courtesy of Designthusiasm)

In the photo shown above, the plate stack consists of copper, leopard print, and embossed white plates. It is then topped by white, bronze and copper napkins. This attention to detail reveals thoughtfulness and artistry.

Turkey, normally served during Thanksgiving, delights as a centerpiece as well (Photo courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe)

In the tablescape shown below, nameplates are hung on the backs of dining chairs. The host had not only considered who was seated where; she had lovingly written the names by hand.

Chalk nameplates bearing beautiful script (Photo courtesy of Sincerely, Sara D.)

Any of these techniques will make your Thanksgiving experience more meaningful. Every effort that goes into the holiday table is an expression of love and gratitude to your guests, friends, and loved ones.

For more inspiring ideas and beautiful décor, visit the Balsam Hill website today.

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