3 Ways to Style Your Thanksgiving Table

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Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be rewarding and daunting at the same time—you have to plan the menu, cook, and decorate the table. We may not be able to help with the turkey, but we can give you three ideas to create a stunning tablescape to impress your guests.

1. Use fall fruits and foliage.

For Liz Marie of Liz Marie Blog, one statement piece is enough. She kept it simple with an Apple Spice Garland as the centerpiece and complemented that with DIY apple place cards. The set-up is a blend of colorful fall fruit and foliage that look like they’ve been picked straight from the farm. The rich tones of the décor add to the warm and rustic ambience of their dining room.

Tip: Make your guests more comfortable with a buffet style for all silverware, glassware, and napkins.

2. Play with textures and colors.

Nadia of Styled by Casanova loves to use fall foliage to brighten her dining table. The Autumn Abundance Garland mixed with white berries makes an eye-catching centerpiece. The height of the Faux Bois Candle Holders placed at the center draws the eye to the display, and their dark walnut color stands out against the bright foliage. As a finishing touch, she uses serving dishes with neutral colors to highlight the food.

Tip: Layer different textures to add depth to your décor. If your dining table is made of hardwood, consider adding metal accents to create a nice contrast.

3. Make it cozy with candles.

Barbara of Decorating with Barbara gives a festive welcome starting with her Autumn Shimmer Teardrop on the front door. On her dining table, she set metallic and glass gourds as centerpieces to complement her elegant place setting. To tie the look together, she placed Ombre Glass Candleholders at both ends of the table.

Tip: If you like the look of candlelight but worry about the open flame or dripping wax on your décor, use battery-operated candles instead.

We hope these tips to decorate your Thanksgiving table will help you set the stage for your own Thanksgiving dinner party. Visit Balsam Hill to see more of our fall collection.

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