Spring is ending, and now is the perfect time to update the look of your home.  Invite the joyful mood and vibrant colors of the new season with Balsam Hill’s simple but lovely summer decorating ideas.

#1: A Splash of Color on Your Walls

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Changing the shade of your walls to a light pastel hue can invigorate the atmosphere. It perfectly matches the bright summer days ahead.

#2: Whimsical Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper can also revitalize your indoor space because they bring a touch of whimsy to a room. Make sure to choose subtle tones, though. Stripes can be overpowering, but with muted colors, they create an optical illusion that gives depth to a space.


#3: Bright and Breezy Curtains and Drapes

Graceful white curtains are a wonderful way to bring in some of that natural light into your living spaces without raising the temperature. These curtains are especially beautiful because of their light feathery texture.


#4: Colorful Throw Pillows

Throw pillows give character to your room without the need to overhaul your design aesthetic. Pick out a lovely pattern, such as calico or paisley, to match the lively outdoors. Bright floral prints featuring peonies, sunflowers, or orchids are a classic choice this summer.


#5: Baskets on Your Walls

Another unique and delightful summer decorating idea is to hang unused basket covers on minimalist walls. Woven baskets bring a rustic quality to your living room with their earth tones and texture.


#6: Flowers in Mason Jars

Simple floral arrangements in quaint jars enliven any corner. Buy a large bouquet and divide the flowers equally in old mason jars. Place these on your coffee table, mantelpiece, or dining table to infuse your room with a fresh scent.


#7: Summer Tableware

You can highlight the season by using plates and cutlery that have patterns inspired by the sun and the sea. Images of great harvests invite guests to take part in the bounty and enjoy a heartwarming meal with you all the more.


#8: Tiki Torches along Paths

For your outdoors, you can place a few tiki torches along your garden paths. Not only will these illuminate the natural beauty of your outdoor plants, but they will also recreate the atmosphere of luxurious tropical beach resorts as you hold your summer luau.


#9: Candle Lanterns for Your Gazebo or Patio

One of the best things you can do during the summer is to dine outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. Set the mood for a cozy meal by hanging several candle lanterns from your gazebo or patio ceiling. These lanterns will make for an exceptional alternative to the chandelier during those long summer nights.


#10: A Canopy in Your Garden

Find refuge from the heat of the blistering sun by hanging a canopy over your outdoor chairs and tables. A simple shade provides a wonderful and comfortable retreat. Spend hours in the outdoors while talking to your friends or enjoying a good book.

Make your home ready for summer’s glorious radiance. With Balsam Hill’s favorite design ideas for the season, you can transform your dwelling into a paradise.

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