The art of storing Christmas tree toppers, stockings, icicles, and balls takes patience and organization. As homeowners and decorators collect more and more ornaments over the years, it also becomes more difficult to keep track of each decoration and maintain the quality of every piece when they are put away.

Aside from keeping tabs on your ornament collection, you would also have to consider the fragile construction of these yuletide accents and the special steps you need to take to keep their luster from fading while they are in storage.

Christmas Ornaments on a Christmas Tree

In order to help you keep your cherished holiday pieces, Balsam Hill has created these simple and practical tips to storing Christmas decorations. With this easy-to-follow guide, you won’t have to worry about your favorite ornaments losing their yuletide charm.

Tip #1: Keep Holiday Stockings and Other Fabric Ornaments in Airtight Plastic Bags

 Christmas Stockings

Take good care of your colorful yuletide stockings by placing them in airtight resealable plastic bags. Since fabrics are prone to collecting dust during storage, this will help keep your decorations from accumulating various particles in the air. The plastic bags can also prevent rodents and other pests from eating away at your holiday collections.

Tip #2: Wrap Fragile Ornaments Individually in Soft Tissue Paper or Silvercloth

Christmas Balls

Preserve the brilliance of glass and plastic ornaments by wrapping them one by one in soft tissue paper. The tissue paper will protect the surface of the ornaments from scratching as you place them in an ornament tray or box. Crumpling additional tissue paper or even old newspaper in between the fragile items will help cushion them and prevent breakage.

Pacific Silvercloth

If you have metallic decorations with a polished silver finish, you can make their sheen last longer by storing them in containers lined with Pacific Silvercloth such as the one from Preservation Equipment. The fiber of this special type of cloth absorbs the gases that cause these decorative items to tarnish.

Tip #3: Place Christmas Tree Toppers in Vacuum-Sealed Bags with Silica Packets

Star Tree Topper

Moisture can build up during storage and this can damage Christmas tree toppers made from wood or cloth. In addition to storing them in a vacuum-sealed bag, place a silica packet along with your tree topper to protect it from humidity.

Tip #4: Layer Ornaments according to Durability of Construction 

Christmas Ornaments Tray

In stacking your decorations in ornament trays, remember to place the ones containing the sturdiest pieces of decorations at the bottom of the container and the trays containing the most fragile items on top. This is to avoid damage and also set up a system of organizing items.

To help you keep your decorations safe, secure, and pristine, Balsam Hill has developed a premium storage bag that has fabric-lined trays. These trays have compartments with extra cushioning to keep the items snug.

EXTRA TIP: Keep a Decorating Notebook Handy

Smart Phone as a Decorating Notebook

Make holiday decorating a breeze by keeping a handy notebook, organizing app, or even simply the notepad in your mobile device. You can list down all the information you need about your ornament collections, such as their style, type, material, and frequency of usage. You can also note different decorating themes you would like for the following year by making an inventory of your existing decor and listing down new items you wish to purchase.

This season, eliminate the hassle of hasty and disorganized Christmas décor storage. With Balsam Hill’s wide selection of ornament storage items, you can choose the ideal one to keep the luster of your precious yuletide pieces for years.


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