Slim Christmas trees offer a striking silhouette that can bring a more contemporary feel to holiday decorations. However, the narrower shapes aren’t always flattered by the same decorations that work for other Christmas trees. So what should you consider when decorating a slim Christmas tree? We put together some slim Christmas tree decorating tips to help you achieve the perfect look:

Red and White Decorated Slim Christmas Tree

Balance Your Tree’s Proportions

The distinctive profile of a slim Christmas tree calls for slightly different treatment than that of a broader tree. Too many decorations, or decorations that aren’t proportional to its narrow frame, can easily make a slim tree appear unbalanced and top-heavy. To account for this, balance the look of the tree with strategic placement of your decorations. Hang smaller Christmas ornaments near the top of the tree, and place bigger ones near the bottom.

Mixed Metalics Decorated Slim Christmas Tree

Add Some Coordinating Presents

Presents underneath your slim tree can also double as decorations. Because this style of tree doesn’t have as wide of a skirt of branches extending below it, slim trees are actually ideal to show off what sits beneath. Select wrapping paper in colors that are complementary to your ornaments, or if you want to add an opulent touch, try silver or gold paper and ribbons. It can also be a nice touch to contrast the amount of colors on the tree and below it; If you have a solid themed tree, presents in bright wrapping paper will liven up the look, while varying tints and shades of a neutral color might look more balanced with a vibrant and colorful tree.

Mixed Metalics Decorated Slim Christmas Tree

Extra Impact for Statement Pieces

A slim Christmas tree has less real estate on which to place ornaments, but that also means that the ornaments that you hang can be seen better and will have more visual impact. Showcase your favorite decorations or statement pieces such as homemade ornaments from your children, photo ornaments displaying happy memories of past holidays, and other keepsakes and souvenirs.

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