I love dressing up my home with all sorts of decorations during the holidays, simply because it makes my home feel so warm and inviting. I’ve realized that using natural objects as decorations really makes a difference and adds impact to gatherings and festivities.

Christmas wreath

On that note, here are some simple ideas on how to incorporate natural accents into your own decor.

Winter flowers and plants as table centerpieces

Take advantage of beautiful seasonal foliage by using them in a table centerpiece. Artfully arrange the flowers and plants in an elegant vase or bowl. For this, you can use traditional poinsettia flowers and just add natural accents like ivy and mistletoe.

Wreaths and garlands as mantelpiece displays

Who can resist the classic combination of a wreath and garland on display? Place these on top of a mantel and create a charming Christmas display by adding some festive lights and natural accents, such as holly berries and pine cones. Wreaths and garlands can also provide a warm welcome to loved ones and guests when used to decorate your front door and porch.

Seasonal produce as bookshelf and cabinet decorations

Liven up your bookshelves and cabinets with a burst of color, courtesy of seasonal produce like apples and cranberries. Combine them in different hues, like red and green apples for a timeless and charming color palette. Not only will these be lovely to look at, but you can even eat them afterwards. To add holiday nostalgia, incorporate charming orange and clove pomanders in elegant silver bowls.

Natural objects bring the outdoors into any home, along with all their lovely charms like vibrant colors and aromatic scents. For more ideas, you can read my earlier post on creative ways to use pinecones and other natural objects. Happy decorating!

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