Holiday decorations can get monotonous, especially since many people reuse the same pieces every year. Classic designs always work for the Christmas, but for the upcoming season, try something different by investing your time in some DIY projects. Handmade decorations are fun to create and they certainly make your home stand out.

Crafting with holiday materials
Crafting with holiday materials

Here are a few Do-It-Yourself ideas you might like to try:


A gorgeous centerpiece placed on the dinner table adds glamor to your table setting. Instead of purchasing pre-made flower centerpieces, create your own by gathering a few of your favorite flowers, floral foam, pinecones, and colored stones. Get a clear glass vase, with an opening large enough to accommodate both the flowers and the pinecones, and fill it halfway through with colored pebbles and floral foam. Stick the flowers into the floral foam.

You don’t have to pack the flowers tightly together since any extra space will be covered by the pinecones. Add an extra touch by spraying it lightly with artificial snow. If you’re entertaining on a longer dinner table, consider placing smaller versions of the centerpiece along the table, spread equally apart.

Candy Garlands

Stay away from the usual popcorn garlands and replace it with candy. Purchase a bag of your favorite hard candy, preferably those with colorful paper wrappers. Avoid candy wrapped in plastic because the hot glue will melt through the wrapper. With a hot glue gun, stick the candies together until they form a long garland.

You can stick to a single color scheme, or mix it up by weaving different colors together. Do this by first creating three separate strings of candy in different colors. Once they’re all around the same length, proceed to braid the three strings to form a thicker interwoven garland that you can use to wrap around your Christmas tree or drape along the mantel. By using non-traditional Christmas colors like blue, pink and purple, the candy garland will add a unique pop of color to any room.

Revive Dinnerware

Revive old ceramic dinnerware by painting them with ceramic paint. You can use your old plates or purchase plain ones at your local store. Before you start painting, ensure that you have stenciled designs for uniformity. You may create your own by using sturdy plastic sheets, or purchase pre-bought stencils from an art store. Once you have your stencil, decide where you’d like to place the design on the plate before carefully coloring it in with ceramic paint. Use a variety of colors so that the design will really stand out. Leave your plates to dry overnight before washing them.

Through these DIY projects, you’ll be able to create unique holiday décors. Get creative and use materials you have at home. You can even update your old décors by tweaking it a little, like adding sprays of artificial snow, or coloring it a different hue. DIY projects, after all, shouldn’t be that hard. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Happy decorating!

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