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Simple Decorating Ideas from Christmas to Winter

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Grand Canyon Cedar artificial Christmas tree with BH Essentials and Winter Wishes ornaments
Keep the warm feeling of Christmas all winter long. (Grand Canyon Cedar tree with BH Essentials and Winter Wishes Ornaments)

After all the Christmas decors have been taken down and put away—the house feels instantly larger. But it also can certainly feel quite bare and lack that cozy warmth that the holiday decor and twinkling trees bring.

And something that is always a bit of a struggle is how to cozy up the house after Christmas and keep it feeling warm through winter. So today, I am sharing a couple of simple ideas to transition from merry and bright to warm and welcoming for the season. And the best part is, you can use some of the same elements from Christmas for the winter season.

Here are holiday decorating tips on how to keep the warm ambience in your home all through winter:

1. Twigs & Branches in Decor

Balsam Hill Wispy Winter Wreath
Wispy Winter Wreath

This Wispy Winter Wreath is a new favorite. It is a twig wreath that has glistening bits of snow. And when it lights up, it looks magical in the room. I’ve had this wreath above the fireplace in the living room all Christmas season. And with a few changes, it will stay there through winter.

Mantel and dining table Christmas decorating with artificial foliage

For a quick change, simply remove the Merry Christmas sign and baubles. Keep the garland and candles to create a warm winter look that doesn’t feel too bare.

2. Minimalist Look Option

For an even more minimalist look, remove the snowy garland and leave the mantel topped with a few pinecones, sprigs of greens, and candles.

Balsam Hill Wispy Winter Wreath on mantel

For this look, I used the bleached pinecone picks and miracle flame candles with the frosted twig wreath. So simple and easy to create.

3. Snowy Eucalyptus

I love seeing snowy eucalyptus tucked into a tree. They also look beautiful lining the table as a garland or as accents here and there for a festive touch.

Snowy eucalyptus artificial foliage by Balsam Hill
On the table: I used the eucalyptus picks as a runner

But the best part about these picks is you can use them all year long in various areas. In the bedroom, I removed the branches and baubles from the mantel and added a vase full of eucalyptus picks. It’s an easy way to brighten this corner for winter.

Balsam Hill Winter Wishes Snowy Eucalyptus picks
A simple galvanized vase full of snowy eucalyptus branches creates a welcoming centerpiece for the sitting area.
Winter Wisher eucalyptus tree picks in galvanized vase

4. Flickering Candles

What could feel more welcoming in winter than a room full of warm, flickering candles? Candles instantly cozy up any space. These are miracle flame candles. The best part? They’re so realistic but are not fire-hazards. They have a remote to turn them on and off and a timer setting.

Balsam Hill Miracle Flame LED candles
Flameless LED Candles

5. Pinecones and Pinecone Wreaths

Whether it is a simple plain pinecone wreath or one full of glam like the Gilded Glamour Wreath, pinecones are a classic winter-decorating staple. I used the Gilded Glamour Wreath in our wee barn this season. Paired with the gold trees, it has a bit more of a vintage Christmas feeling.

Balsam Hill Gilded Glamour Wreath
Gilded Glamour Wreath

But on its own with fewer holiday touches, it creates an elegant view. The baubles take a back seat and the pinecones stand out more.

Balsam Hill Gilded Glamour Wreath mantel decoration

6. Twinkle Trees

Whether you decide to leave a tree up that’s just decorated with twinkle lights, or put up more modern LED trees, you can easily keep that cozy Christmas twinkle we all love year-round. I have several gold and birch twinkle trees that I use in the house and out by the patio all year. That glow is so enchanting when sitting next to the fire pit.

LED Winter Birch Tree outdoors

I hope this helps inspire a couple of ways to keep that warm feeling in your home all winter long. By repurposing some of those holiday items, you can enjoy them even longer.

Courtney of French Country Cottage

As the founder of lifestyle blog French Country Cottage and editor of Romantic Homes magazine, Courtney is known for bringing chic aesthetics and vintage elegance to her designs. Courtney offers readers creative ideas and decorating tips inspired by the ongoing renovations on her 1940s cottage home.

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