Choosing accessories for our Christmas trees is very important. With the right trimmings, a Christmas tree can really dazzle. One of the most common Christmas tree accessories is a tree skirt, and it’s a traditional choice for many. If you’ve never dressed up your tree with one, here are some reasons that might change your mind.

  • A tree skirt makes a Christmas tree look complete. It pulls together the ornaments, the lights, and the other Christmas decor in the room. Choose a style in keeping with your decor and let the skirt dress up your Christmas tree.
  • It provides a beautiful backdrop for gifts.  On Christmas morning, the tree is all lit up, the presents tumble from underneath it to spill across and over the tree skirt. This picture-perfect presentation creates a look of abundance that suits the spirit of the season.
  • Tree skirts conceal unsightly tree stands. Tree stands are most often utilitarian, made of metal, and may have screws protruding from their sides. Hide the stand with a gorgeous tree skirt, and voila – all beauty, all the time.
  • They can be heirlooms. Many Christmas tree skirts are handed down as heirlooms from generation to generation. This year, I received the red flannel tree skirt that my mother bought during my first Christmas. Although it’s inexpensive, it holds years of memories for me and my mom. Heirlooms carry family history, and immediately evoke memories and “remember when” stories. These are precious, and I’ll pass them along when I have children.

The uses for a Christmas tree skirt are many, so to answer the question, “Should your tree wear a skirt”, we say “Yes!”

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