Everyone loves unabashedly ogling their neighbor’s Christmas window displays. Here are ten tips to make your windows worth looking at…

10 Tips

  1. Pick a theme.

    A bunch of items by your window looks more like clutter than a holiday display. By thinking of a theme, you narrow down what you’ll be placing by your window, and therefore create unity in your display.

  2. Think of a focal point.

    With your window items carefully considered, it’s time to choose the central object for your window display. Some popular focal features are the Nativity scene and Santa Claus.

    Balsam Hill's German Pyramid Nativity
    Balsam Hill’s German Pyramid Nativity Set
  3. Dress up your windows with festive curtains.

    Velvet curtains in reds and greens make for simple but attractive window treatments. Cinch the curtains with beaded garlands for a more festive touch.

  4. Hang Christmas lights.

    Bring sparkle to your windows by placing Christmas lights on window jambs. You can also use LED Christmas lights as well, to save energy and be a bit environmentally friendly.

    Balsam Hill's LED Fairy String Lights
    Choose from a variety of LED lights from Balsam Hill’s Fairy Light Strings collection
  5. Display festive Christmas wreaths.

    Hanging multiple Christmas wreaths on a window creates an abundant, celebratory mood. For consistency, choose wreaths that are similar in design or color.

  6. Place candles on your window ledge for illumination.

    Pillar or votive candles lend a soft glow to your home. Arrange them on the window ledge for a serene effect. Just make sure they are placed far from the curtains to avoid a fire hazard.

  7. Hang Christmas cards.

    Don’t let pretty Christmas cards from last year collect dust! Hang them in your window with pretty, festive ribbon.

  8. Use greenery.

    Build a window box and fill it with assorted greeneries like mini evergreen trees, flower sprigs, and berry branches. Pots of poinsettias will also create a striking effect on a holiday window display.

    Balsam Hill's Holiday Potted Poinsettia
    Balsam Hill’s Holiday Potted Poinsettia
  9. Drape garlands on curtain rods.

    This brings an instant touch of color to your windows.

  10. Embellish with ribbons.

    Set aside the curtains and drape colorful long ribbons on curtain rods. Let the ribbons cascade down to create a veil of color on your window.

Happy decorating!

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