In this final installment of our “Secrets from the Shoot” blog series, we’ll talk about different ways to use ornaments. In our first post, we discussed how to create elegant displays with holiday greenery, and in the second, we tackled how to properly hang decorations. Today, we’re showing you how you can go beyond simply hanging ornaments on your tree. Read more to discover various ways of utilizing your treasured accent pieces.


As Elegant Embellishments for Wreaths and Garlands

Wreaths and garlands are beautiful on their own, but when going all out with your décor, ornaments can add that striking finishing touch to complete the look. One thing to keep in mind when selecting ornaments to adorn your foliage is to pick those that complement the color palette of the space.

BH Fraser Fir foliage adorned in rich red and gold

Here, our BH Fraser Fir wreath and garland are bedecked with ornaments from our Noel Glass Ornament Set. The rich red and gold hues of the glass ornaments work well with the other accents, such as the Noel Burgundy and Gold stockings and the Tabletop Golden Christmas trees.


Ornaments can also provide balance to any design. In this case, our Mercury Glass Ornaments bedeck not just the tree, but also the wreath and garland decorating the mantel, giving a sense of continuity to the whole display. The dainty ornaments are nestled among the foliage, lending touches of color that contrast well with the lush green of the needles.

Our Silver and Gold Glass Ornament Set enhancing the wreath

Another distinctive way to embellish wreaths with ornaments is by creating a pendant that is suspended within the hollow of the wreath. Instead of placing the décor directly among the branches, you can make a charming accent by grouping a few ornaments together, depending on size, and attaching it to the wreath’s frame with fishing line or nylon string for an ethereal floating effect.

As Beautiful Instant Art


Ornaments really lend themselves well to creative uses, such as with this ornament art enhancing a blank space. Select pieces from our Mistletoe and Holly Glass Ornament Set are attached to empty frames and then mounted on the wall. The gold string used to secure the accents ties in with the shimmering golden hue of the frames and the gold and red ribbons on the nearby tree, making for a charming and cohesive display.

As Sophisticated Centerpieces

Visually interesting centerpieces are a mix of elements and textures

Centerpieces make for delightful focal points on any table, and ornaments are great for putting together eye-catching designs. You can group together a set of ornaments and place them in a simple container without any other adornments, or you can combine different elements and textures to add visual interest. Our Crystal Palace Glass Ornament Set is seen here combined with our Crystal Snowflake Ornaments, and embellished with Christmas Tree Picks and Sprays, for a stunningly sophisticated display.


Ornaments can also be used in combination with other decorative accents, such as this pillar candle and verdant pine needles. The wine barrel cheese tray adds a rustic touch that is echoed in the beautiful wood finish of the tabletop trees. The ornaments provide a welcome pop of color that brings the entire display to life and pulls the look together.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog series as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you. With all these tips in mind, your home will be a welcoming and impressive sight this Christmas season. For more looks and guides to getting your home holiday-ready, drop by our “Shop the Look” page, and view our TV commercial for design inspiration.

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