Now that the holidays are over, homeowners around the country are pulling out their tree storage bags to stow away their artificial Christmas trees. As you know, our scented ornament sticks are perfect for perfuming your tree while it’s standing in your living room – but they’re also perfect for keeping your tree fresh while it’s in storage.

Keeping Your Christmas Trees Fresh


To perfume your artificial Christmas tree with a fresh pine scent, place one or two scented ornament sticks in each of your storage bags. These scent sticks can also be placed inside storage bags for wreaths and garlands. Next year, when it’s time to take out your tree and decorations, you’ll be greeted by the unmistakable holiday scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Once your tree has been set up, hang a scented ornament on one of its branches to ensure that you will have a “Christmas-y” scent throughout your holiday celebrations. The brown or green-hued stick blends in with your tree’s branches, camouflaging it alongside your other ornaments.

Tree Scents

Balsam Hill offers four scents: Fireside Blend, Colorado Pine, Fraser Fir, and White River Spruce. Each scented ornament comes in sets of three with eight sticks per container.

The Colorado Pine scented sticks delight your senses with its minty sweet aroma, reminiscent of genuine Aspen trees. There’s also the Fraser Fir scent with its robust scent inspired by its real counterpart. The White River Spruce scented ornaments evoke the fresh smell of a rushing river and lush trees.

Balsam Hill also carries a Fireside Blend scent that lets you reminisce about quiet forest walks and roaring fires which keep you warm during wintry Christmas nights.

With these scent sticks imparting their fragrant fresh aroma on your holiday foliage decorations year-round, your home will be well prepared for next year’s holiday festivities.

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