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A few days ago, I shared with you how much I enjoy decorating for Halloween. It’s a fun holiday filled with vibrant colors and a palpable air of excitement. In my previous post, I shared ideas on how to create beautiful and festive Halloween displays. This time, I’m giving my home rustic touches that still celebrate the exuberance of the trick-or-treating season without appearing overdone.

Woodsy Indoors

Decorating the entire house for Halloween can be too much for most people. Dressing up one specific area is considerably more convenient and often results in a more elegant look.

Rustic Halloween mantel with woodsy accents
Rustic Halloween mantel with woodsy accents

My fireplace has a neutral color palette that makes it a great setting for a rustic Halloween display. I decorated the mantel with twigs and red berries, and then added a pair of faux taper candles and a few vintage hardbound books for extra character.

Use a pre-lit pumpkin to add shine and natural elegance to any space.
Use a pre-lit pumpkin to add shine and natural elegance to any space.

On the floor, I placed pillar candles wrapped with orange burlap ribbon atop antiqued candle holders for an eye-catching pop of color. An arrangement of leafy branches with apples in a tall, galvanized steel planter represents the bounty of the autumn season, while a pre-lit twig pumpkin brings a beautiful provincial aspect to the entire display.

Rustic Outdoors

Warm hues come together in this welcoming display
Warm hues come together in this welcoming display

For my outdoors, I went for a classic asymmetrical composition, using a combination of real and artificial pumpkins to convey the countryside theme. The warm browns of my twig pumpkins and pillow naturally complement the abundance of rich orange hues. The combination of colors is picked up in the striped pattern of my wicker seat cushion, ensuring continuity in the design.

Whether you choose to go for a festive motif or a natural, woodsy look to your décor, putting together these displays is sure to help you and your family enjoy many memorable moments this Halloween.

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