After bidding winter goodbye and with spring in full swing, you can easily refresh your home interiors with ready-to-display spring decorations. Channel the breathtaking beauty of the season into your rooms, and even your outdoor spaces, with spring-inspired floral arrangements and décor.

Marseille Meadow Garland
The Marseille Meadow Garland as rustic mantel décor. Photo from Liz Marie Blog

Replace Red with Green

Start by switching red décor that warmed up your home during the colder season for green-colored pieces. Green represents nature, renewal, and energy to instantly breathe new life into your interiors.

Choose decorations that can last through to the summer months, such as greenery or items with leafy patterns. Garlands with garden blooms are easy to display on mantels, entryways, or tabletops. Use them to add an appealing pop of green against neutral settings.

Dress Your Tables with Flowers

Brittany Rose Arrangement in Miss Mustard Seed
Balsam Hill’s Brittany Rose Arrangement brightens up a kitchen table. Photo from Miss Mustard Seed

Bring the vivid colors of springtime indoors with full-bloomed flowers prominently displayed atop living room and dining room tables. Use tall flower vases filled with cuttings of long-stemmed flowers such as hydrangeas, peonies, and tulips. As the season moves toward summer, add in other varieties of flowers with rich, striking colors to maintain that warm and fun ambience.

Complement these cheery colors around your living spaces with linens, pillow accents, and curtains in the attractive hues of your favorite flowers.

Change Holiday Accents to Spring Decorations

Outdoor Meadow Foliage
Replace evergreens with spring foliage like Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Meadow Wreath

Exchange your holiday season décor for springtime ones, featuring bright and lively blooms. Wreaths often make ideal decorations for spring because they act as beautiful accents to walls and are very easy to set up — no embellishments needed. A wreath’s foliage is usually trimmed and the blooms are arranged to emphasize their beauty.

Prepare to Enjoy the Outdoors

Outdoor Radiant Peony Hanging Basket
Outdoor Radiant Peony Hanging Basket by Balsam Hill

Whether you choose to entertain in your backyard or lounge on your porch, add touches of nature-inspired décor. Display outdoor-safe items like ornamental trees, florals, and animal statues that are more durable and are made to weather the elements.

Woodland Garden Snail Statue
Woodland Garden Snail Statue by Balsam Hill

Set an inviting tone to your al fresco festivities by stringing up charming outdoor LED lights. These energy-efficient lights will illuminate your patio, porch, or gazebo with a warm glow for cozy evening gatherings.

Outdoor LED Cafe Lights
These Outdoor LED Café Lights are reminiscent of vintage bulbs

Try out these simple spring decorating ideas and keep your home up-to-date with the beauty of each changing season. To view more spring florals and home décor, go to Balsam Hill today.

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