As designs of artificial Christmas trees have progressed over the years, we have seen more and more technological features added to our favorite holiday highlight: the Christmas tree.

From premium lifelike needles and excellent branch construction to expertly strung Christmas lights already installed between the branches, some modern trees are unmatched in their quality and realism. However, this development in design has also made Christmas tree assembly more complex.

The Classic Blue Spruce Tree is easy to set up thanks to its flip feature

Count on us to turn the complicated into simple and convenient with our line of state-of-the-art Flip Trees™. Our new trees feature the Flip technology, which simply requires you to flip the main section of the tree into place in order to set it up.

A Flip Tree before setup

Our Flip Trees also feature the Easy Plug™ and True Needle™ technologies, two signature Balsam Hill innovations.

Easy Elegance with the Innovative Flip Technology

Having to assemble a typical 6-foot or 7-foot Christmas tree each year can be a real challenge. With many branches and sections to put together, the task may be time-consuming. This is where the innovation of the Flip Tree comes in.

The hinged tree trunk supports the primary section of the tree. Since the hinge allows the tree to be flipped upwards, the tree simply needs to be overturned. The technique saves you from the hassle of having to lift the heavier parts of the tree during assembly.

As you can see in this step-by-step assembly guide, setting up your Balsam Hill Flip Tree is a breeze. Here is how to do it:

Balsam Hill Flip Tree

Step 1: Bring out your Christmas tree right out of the box. You will notice that the Flip Tree is divided into two parts: the main section, which includes a wheeled tree stand, and the lightweight top. Both of these sections come in exclusive tree storage bags.

Step 2: Roll your Christmas tree to your chosen location then lock the wheeled tree stand into place.

Step 3: Take out the top section of the tree by loosening the clasps on the storage bags.

Step 4: Look for the hinge on the tree stand, separating the sections vertically to visually expose the center pole and then gently flip your Christmas tree.

Step 5: Carefully place the lightweight section on top to finish setting up your Balsam Hill Flip Tree. Fluff the tree as you would any other Balsam Hill tree for the completed look.

The hinged tree trunk of the Flip Tree also makes it convenient for you to store the tree after the holidays. After taking down all the decorations and unplugging the tree, simply lift the lightweight top of the tree then flip the tree base. Place the sections of the Flip Tree in the included bags then roll it back into storage.

Convenient Setup with the Easy Plug™

Unlike earlier designs, modern Christmas trees are now available in pre-lit versions. Instead of having to purchase a separate strand of Christmas lights, pre-lit models come with expertly-strung light strings attached to the foliage of the tree. These electrical strands are connected through plugs located just outside the tree trunk.

Electrical connections are found inside the trunk

The Easy Plug technology found in Balsam Hill Flip Trees builds on the concept of pre-lit Christmas trees but makes it even more safe and convenient. By placing all electrical connections inside the tree trunk, it removes the messy look of tangled wires commonly found in most lighted Christmas trees. As you place the sections of the tree together, you are also attaching the plugs within the trunk. Simply connect the Flip Tree to a wall outlet to see all its bright lights illuminate.

The Unsurpassed Realism of True Needle™ Foliage

The quality of foliage is also a major factor in choosing artificial Christmas trees. Today’s Christmas trees display highly realistic needles and branches that recreate the elegance of nature. This provides homeowners with a wider array of holiday decorating options to complement their personal style in themes and décor.

A comparison of real branches and True Needle foliage

With Balsam Hill offering Flip Tree versions of their artificial Christmas trees, customers now get to enjoy the excellent quality of True Needle foliage with the convenience of the Flip technology. Carefully constructed using live tree cuttings as models, Balsam Hill’s True Needle foliage is specially made to emulate the look and feel of real evergreens. This allows you to display with the beauty of nature and permeates the season with the foliage that simply means Christmas.

Aside from offering pre-lit versions with clear or multi-colored lights, Flip Trees are also available with Balsam Hill’s exclusive Color + Clear™ lights. This premium functionality offers homeowners with a more versatile lighting option to match their decorating theme.  It also is a big help if one of your family grew up with only white lights and the other only used colored lights!

Multi-colored lights on a Balsam Hill pre-lit Christmas tree

You can choose to have the warm luminescence of clear lights to bathe your display or fill it with the festive brilliance of multi-colored lights. You can even have both clear and multi-colored lights bedeck your Flip Tree at the same time for a more unforgettable or peacemaking spectacle.

Artificial Christmas tree technology has come a long way over the years, and with Balsam Hill’s exclusive Flip Trees, you get to enjoy the convenience of all the latest innovations in one premium Christmas tree.

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