If you are looking for an innovative alternative to traditional holiday decorations, Crab Pot Trees may be the answer. Today, we take an in-depth look at this modern twist on the classic Christmas tree.

Crab Pot Tree from Balsam Hill
Crab Pot Tree from Balsam Hill

About Fisherman Creations

The Crab Pot Tree has its roots in a company called Fisherman Creations, a supplier of crab traps and other provisions in the commercial fishing industry in North Carolina. Fisherman Nicky Harvey is a true product of the Down East culture of resourcefulness, and his unique product was born out of a desire to find alternative uses for surplus materials. His experimentation led to the first prototypes of the Crab Pot Tree, and he kept thinking of ways to improve upon his original design. The end result is the sturdy and beautiful tree we see today.

How Crab Pot Trees are Made

The process begins with green coated crab trap wire. Triangular sections are cut out and put together to form the basic shape of the tree. This structure is then placed on what is called the lighting jig, where lights are strung on the frame. The entire process is completed by workers in the North Carolina shop, ensuring that each handcrafted tree is of sound quality.

Close up of a Crab Pot Tree from Balsam Hill
A closer look at the Crab Pot Tree

Features of the Crab Pot Trees offered by Balsam Hill

The Balsam Hill Crab Pot Tree features a beautiful green hue and is available in 4-foot or 5-foot variants, pre-lit with either clear or multicolored incandescent lights. It sets up easily and folds flat for convenient storage. Crab pot trees are safe to use both indoors and outdoors, and its durable composition of PVC-coated galvanized steel and plastic allow it to withstand rain and snow for years.

How to Decorate with a Crab Pot Tree

The Crab Pot Tree is a study in versatility. Indoors, it can be displayed on the floor or on a low table, or even hung on a wall. It can also be opened midway to form a half-tree, certainly a great way to decorate smaller spaces. Outdoors, you can place it in the yard or on the porch to welcome your guests, display it in the garden, or use a series of trees to line your driveway. Simply affix it to the ground with the included anchor wires to secure it against strong winds, and you are all set. At night, the tree comes to life with its pre-strung lights, giving the appearance of floating lights against the evening sky.

While the tree is beautiful on its own, you can also add your own decorations and embellishments. Perfect for Christmas, it can be used for other occasions as well. Adorn it with miniature flags to celebrate the Fourth of July, or with flowers and fruits to mark the spring or summer seasons. As Nicky Harvey has shown, a bit of ingenuity can go a long way with your Crab Pot Tree.

Visit Balsam Hill for more information on this innovative Christmas tree.

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