Planning Your Tree: From Choosing a Color Scheme to Picking Out Ornaments

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Choosing a color scheme for your tree and picking out the ornaments to go with it is a great way to make an impact during the holidays. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that my decorating tastes are still changing, and this reflects in my seasonal decor. It’s really fun to mix it up, either with nostalgic, classic pieces or with unique, contemporary designs.

Decorated holiday centerpiece from Driven by Decor
Photo courtesy of Kris by Driven by Decor

Here are some ideas to help put your own twist on your artificial Christmas tree this year.

Get Inspiration From the Season

Use seasonal colors inspired by nature. Add a touch of elegance by using colors in jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, polished gold and sparkling silver, or even a combination of two or three colors.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Remember how you used to celebrate Christmas when you were a child? Use colors that evoke feelings of nostalgia, like traditional red and green. This is also the perfect time to display any ornaments that you’ve inherited or received as gifts, or use decor that is similar to the ones you’ve used before.

Keep It In the Family

Use a neutral backdrop for your decor by choosing a monochromatic hue, like a tree in pristine white or verdant green. This will serve to provide striking contrast once you embellish the tree with ornaments and accents. Add variety by using different variations of a single color throughout the room, creating a cohesive look in your holiday home.

Remember, just choose whatever puts you in high spirits and makes you feel like the holidays are truly here. Happy decorating!

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