After the year 2013 reflected the soothing beauty of emerald green, it is now time to celebrate the rousing beauty of radiant orchid.

An enchanting combination of fuchsia, pink, and purple undertones, the fashionable shade of radiant orchid was chosen as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014 because of its distinct ability to inspire confidence in those who behold it. Its beguiling charm also emanates with great happiness, passion, and health. And depending on how saturated the color presents itself, it can complement neutrals as well as other colors.

Purple Orchids

To help start your year on an excellent note, Balsam Hill has collected seven stylish decorating ideas that incorporate the sophistication of radiant orchid. The following are some uses of the color to enliven your home for 2014. Radiant Orchid as an Elegant Accent Wall

Modern Living Room

One of the best ways to incorporate radiant orchid into your home is by using it as an accent color on your walls. Because of its unique fusion of cool and warm undertones, this beautiful and adaptable purple variant is perfect to liven up neutrals, as seen in this grey living room or as a complement to teal, turquoise, or light yellow backgrounds.

Purple Wall Highlight

Break the monotony of achromatic walls by introducing a splash of daring color into your space. Set a focal point by painting the middle of your room in radiant orchid. Here, the purple emphasizes an almost defined fireplace and mantel housing the entertainment and media system. You can also use this shade of violet to emphasize a feature in the room, such as an inset area for sofa or seating, or let the colored wall stand alone to accent other muted colors.

Banquette with a Radiant Orchid Backdrop

Radiant orchid is also an excellent color to highlight the corners of your home. In this particular design, the boldness of the hue easily draws attention while providing a solid backdrop for the accents on the shelf. The purple troughs on the white banquette sofa add to the harmony of colors in this space. The high contrast sets off the lamp, artwork, and decorative accents on the shelf above the seating.

Radiant Orchid in Stylish Statement Pieces 

Living Room with Radiant Orchid Furniture

Another advantage to using radiant orchid is the color’s versatility when accenting different decorating styles. Modern homes, such as the one shown above, often feature minimalist settings to avoid a cluttered look. A few furniture pieces in radiant orchid can add a burst of color in the space without undermining the simplicity of the overall design. They can also highlight the form, lines, and contours of the upholstered chairs.

Radiant Orchid Seats and Lamp

For homes with a transitional style, you can create a more relaxed atmosphere in rooms by placing furnishings in radiant orchid. The cool saturated features of this shade enhance the tranquility of other golden earth tones, making the radiant orchid an ideal unifying color for various decorating styles. Here, radiant orchid is placed judiciously with the chairs, lampshade, and painting in the right proportion so that the color does not overwhelm the design.

Radiant Orchid as a Lovely Highlight for Hardwood

Dining Space with a Radiant Orchid Rug

Complement the timelessness of hardwood floors by placing quaint accents in radiant orchid. A plush rug in this rich purple hue can add a distinct highlight in your space without overpowering the simplicity of wooden floors in light varnish. The red tones in the wood stain enhance the beautiful design, drawing your eyes to the grain of the wood. It also brings just enough color to brighten up the dining area.

Dining Room with Radiant Orchid Chairs

Even on dark brown wide plank flooring, the vibrancy of radiant orchid provides a calming presence. In this classic dining room, these charming purple chairs complete the round wooden table to create a stylish focal piece in the room.

Welcome 2014 with exuberance through our selection of home decorating ideas using the mesmerizing charm of Pantone’s Color of the Year.

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