Outdoor Fall Décor & Halloween Ideas: How to Create a Warm Welcome in Your Porch, Patio, and Yard

With the refreshing weather and vivid scenery, fall is a great time to enjoy in the open air. Read on for outdoor fall décor ideas so you can create inviting and cozy settings to linger in. Plus, explore ways to add spooky and fun elements to your display in time for Halloween.

How to Style Your Outdoor Fall Décor

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Echo nature’s colors with fall flowers and greenery

  • Photo courtesy of Lauren Nicholsen

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Welcome the arrival of fall with a colorful array of wreaths, garlands, and potted foliage. When choosing outdoor fall décor, the first step is to choose a color palette. Will it be light, medium, or deep fall hues? From there, select a wreath to adorn your front door. If you want something unconventional, pick a swag or a hanging basket instead. Then, accent it with a matching garland to frame the door. Use the same type of foliage for all your front porch fall decorations to ensure a cohesive look. For hassle-free decorating, explore coordinating fall wreaths and greenery from Balsam Hill.

Featured: Autumn Abundance Wreaths & Garlands | Outdoor Sunset Mums Pot Fillers | Outdoor Heirloom Pumpkins | Miracle Flame LED Wax Pillar Candles | Outdoor Sunset Mums Hanging Baskets | Outdoor Sunset Mums Window Box | Outdoor Harvest Bloom Foliage

Next, add vivid pops of color to your entryways with fall flowers like mums. Display them in decorative vessels that match your home’s aesthetic. Arrange them in groups to frame pathways or use them to line the steps to your porch.

Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Sunset Mums Pot Fillers come in three fall colors—gold, orange, and scarlet. They’re crafted with UV protection and designed for outdoor and indoor display. Also, they come in a standard garden pot, allowing you to easily place them inside any planter of your choice. Use their matching window boxes and hanging baskets for a coordinated look throughout your home.

Create cozy spaces with soft furnishings

  • Photo courtesy of Leanna Laming

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Enjoy the crisp, fall weather as you sit back in cozy settings outside your home. Arrange plush pillows on the bench, sofa, and other lounging areas. If your al fresco dining chairs are made of wood or steel, use cushions for added comfort. Then, dress up all outdoor seating with throw blankets. Choose thicker fabrics like chunky knit, wool, fleece, or cashmere. The key is to layer varying textures with seasonal hues that match your fall color palette. For a thoughtful touch, set up a basket of blankets to keep everyone warm on those chilly autumn nights.

Set an inviting atmosphere with soft, warm lights

  • Photo courtesy of Leanna Laming

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There are many ways to illuminate your porch, patio, or yard during this season. Create a relaxing ambience with the soft light of lanterns and candles. Place them on tabletops or use them to light up steps and pathways. Then, bring a twinkly, magical glow to different areas with pre-lit fall décor, topiaries, and potted trees. Choose battery-operated ones so you can set them up anywhere without the need for power outlets.

To light up the entire patio or backyard, consider string lights. Café-style string lights look best when hung in patterns like linear rows, crossing, or zigzags. Or, use them to frame the perimeter of the space. If you’re using Christmas light strings, hang them from the ceiling or tree branches. This will create a flowy curtain effect.

Get playful with pumpkins

  • Photo courtesy of Lauren Nicholsen

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There’s nothing like a bunch of pumpkins and gourds to signify the arrival of autumn. Get creative as you style them—there are no hard and fast rules. For a traditional look, stick to classic orange and green. If you want something unconventional, choose muted pumpkin hues like white, apricot, and sage. Pick various sizes and textures for an interesting contrast. Stack them together to flank your home’s entrance or line them up along each step leading to your porch or patio. Or, scatter them in groups as fall decorations for the yard and other exterior spaces.

Apart from placing them on the ground, use pumpkins to bring flair to your fall patio décor and al fresco dining space. Create a pumpkin vignette with the use of a cart or a large woven basket. Fill the vessel with a variety of gourds and accent it with a chunky throw, ribbon, or a fun fall character. Then, use tabletop pumpkins to style your centerpiece, place settings, and buffet tables.

How to Incorporate Halloween Decorations to Your Fall Outdoor Display

Here are some Halloween elements that you can add in when the occasion draws near and easily remove once it’s over.

Add some Jack-o’-Lanterns

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Get everyone into the Halloween spirit by animating your outdoor autumn décor with Jack-o’-Lanterns. Have fun carving real pumpkins with the family or simply use faux ones for convenience. Balsam Hill’s Lit Stackable Jack-o’-Lanterns are handcrafted from polyresin and come in a set of three. They’re pre-lit with LED lights, operate with batteries, and are controlled by a remote. This means you can place them anywhere without worrying about power sockets. Best of all, you get to use them year after year. Apart from the classic Jack-o’-lanterns, carved pumpkins with Halloween messaging will also do the trick.

Create a spooky setting with eerie lights

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Spook up your yard and porch with a play on Halloween lighting. Choose a main lighting color such as orange, blue, purple, or red. Use a spotlight or flood light in any of these colors to illuminate your décor from a distance. Then, choose contrasting colors for accent lighting. For instance, if you choose orange as your main spotlight, use blue or purple light strings to complement it. Wrap these light strings on trees, pillars, fences, or around Halloween decorations.

Better yet, use foliage or twigs with built-in Halloween-themed lights. Balsam Hill’s Lit Halloween Glitter Twig collection features shimmery black wreaths, garlands, and trees. Their branch tips are pre-lit with orange LED lights, making them a convenient alternative for accent lighting.

Conjure a haunting scene with scary shadows

Featured: Outdoor Illuminated Halloween Silhouettes | Outdoor Heirloom Pumpkins | Miracle Flame LED Wax Pillar Candles

Surprise neighbors and guests with a larger-than-life display of Halloween figures. Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Illuminated Halloween Silhouettes feature a variety of familiar and frightful scenes. Choose from a spooky manor, stacked Jack-o’-Lanterns, a witch with a cauldron and a cat, or a trick-or-treat dog. Amplify them with their accompanying orange LED spotlight for an eerie glow.

Set up treats for everyone

Featured: Woven Seagrass Wesley the Dachsund | Outdoor Life-Size Ghost Dog Candy Bowl

Add the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween display—a bunch of goodies at your doorstep. Welcome trick-or-treaters with a happy helper like Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Life-Size Ghost Dog Candy Bowl. Designed by artist Bethany Lowe, this canine companion is hand-painted with an antique finish. Also, it features a chute at the back for easy candy refills.

Meanwhile, if you want something more versatile to use year-round, go for Wesley the Dachsund. Wesley is crafted from seagrass and wicker and comes with a detachable bow. Apart from placing him at your front entry, take him to your living room, dining table, or dessert spread for extra charm. Or, give him as a gift to make someone’s day.

When decorating outside for fall, take a cue from your surroundings. The key is to bring nature’s vivid colors and bounty to your home.

We hope these outdoor fall décor and Halloween ideas inspired you to create your own cozy and playful spaces this season. For more fall decorating tips and inspiration, visit this page.

Get Your Home Fall-Ready

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