Dear Dagmar,

Most of the holiday decorations in our home this year are foliage-based. I want to store them properly so they will still look great for next season. Can you share some ideas on how I can store my wreaths and garlands properly?



Dear Rachel,

To keep your wreath looking vibrant, prevent it from being squished during storage. Keep it in a box with more than enough space like a large plastic container. You can also hang it from a clothes hanger to keep it away from larger boxes. Invest in storage products like Balsam Hill’s wreath storage bags, which are designed to keep your wreath in its best shape for the next holiday season.

Garlands can be stored in large boxes too. Make sure to wrap them first in tissue or bubble wrap to protect their needles and embellishments while not in use.

Wreath and Garland Storage Bag from Balsam Hill
Store your wreath or garland in a wreath storage bag and keep it in a cool, dry place.

Check out this holiday organizing post on the Balsam Hill blog for more storage ideas for garlands and wreaths.

Storing Picks and Sprays

Keep your floral picks and sprays safe by storing them in long slender boxes with enough volume to keep them from deforming. Lay half of them one way, and half of them the other way, to keep the space even. You can also store these decorations in poster or art tubes, but keep them in a single direction to prevent them from getting scrunched.

Burgundy Floral Sprays from Balsam Hill
Keep your picks and sprays in elongated boxes.

It’s also a good idea to store the glitzy and glittery ones in a separate container. Do make sure to cover each stem with bubble wrap for protection. My jeweled picks came with a plastic sleeve, which I am going to put back on. It keeps the glitters from rubbing off, which happens when glitter rubs against glitter. Other types of picks like the floral and feather ones can be wrapped in tissue to keep them protected.

Check out this guide to storing Christmas decorations and ornaments for more holiday organizing ideas.

Have a great new year!


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