5 Nature-Inspired Centerpieces for the Holiday Season

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Flowers are often the first thing that comes to mind when we think of centerpieces. While this is a tried-and-tested design idea, it doesn’t mean we can’t go beyond the usual floral displays. Nature offers excellent concepts that you can incorporate into any kind of theme you have in mind—and it’s not limited to flowers alone. Below are some ideas you can try.

Courtney's Romantic Tablescape
Our brand ambassador, Courtney of French Country Cottage , creates elegant tablescapes with delicate blooms

Poinsettia and Cranberries

A single poinsettia stem can be quite a dramatic statement as a centerpiece. Place the cut stem in a few inches of water in any tall, clear vase. Then, place a handful of cranberries at the base and put a small pine branch cutting and a red ribbon to finish up the look.

Mini Bouquets

If you have a small table, consider using mini bouquets as an alternative to big centerpieces. Unlike large displays, smaller ones make for easier conversations as they don’t obstruct anyone’s view. Buy small flowers like white leptospermum from your local florist and place them in a slender drinking glass. Decorate the glass with silver or gold ribbons, or any color from your dinner theme.

Flowers and Pinecones

Holiday Scented Pinecones
Balsam Hill’s Holiday Scented Pinecones

A centerpiece doesn’t have to be complicated. Use available flowers and pinecones to liven up your holiday table. Fill some glassware with flowers like tulips and roses. Tie in the theme with vases full of pine cones and tiny Christmas ornaments.

Orchids and Candy Canes

Create a red-and-white theme with white or red orchids and candy canes. On a white table linen, lay down a striped runner to create the base of the centerpiece. Put your orchids in a white vase at the center of the runner. If you don’t have orchids, you can opt for red and white carnations. Fill different glass bowls around it with candy canes and other striped candies.

A Centerpiece of Fruits

If you want to add a fresh feel to your table settings, consider making a sugar-coated fruit centerpiece.  Fill a silver tray with artificial snow and decorate it with sugar-coated grapes, plums, or pears. You can also use tropical fruits if you want to add a bit of summer to your table.

When looking for design inspirations, we only need to look outside the window. Warm up your holiday gatherings with nature-inspired centerpieces that’ll breathe life onto the dining table. Happy decorating!

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