The month of May ushers in just the right amount of sunshine. The temperate climate allows you to enjoy a quiet morning at the park or a fun afternoon at the beach, without your being scorched by the harsh sun.

With the seasons beginning to shift from spring to summer, now is the best time to transform an area of your house into one that welcomes the perfect weather: the sunroom. Let sunshine into your home with these tips for your conservatory.

My Balsam Hill Home: How to Build the Perfect Sunroom
by Sura Nualpradid /

The Right Space

The perfect sunroom combines a breathtaking view of the outdoors with the coziness of the indoors. Choose a space that opens up to a great environment, such as a lakefront. Or a space that has amazing scenery for its backdrop, such as the top of a hill.

If your house is situated in the city or suburbs, use a balcony or porch as the extension of your home, then have it enclosed in glass to insulate it from harsher elements.

No matter where your house is located, your sunroom will always be that unique space where your outdoor environment blends with your indoor space.

Comfort and Style

The conservatory showcases your fascination with nature as well as the relaxed atmosphere in your home. It is, after all, a place for doing leisurely activities while lounging in comfort. Choose furniture pieces with large cushions. Build seats by the window. Place a day bed or floor pillows to tie together a look of comfort.

For your color palette, use pastels such as canary yellow or periwinkle blue for an effervescent vibe in your sunroom.

Natural Light

What sets your conservatory apart from all other areas of your house? The secret is in balancing the elements of nature. Most homeowners, of course, opt for large clear windows or a sunroof as the obvious choice to introduce natural light into their home interiors. But be careful when choosing which areas to put glass panels in.

Small Space Solution: Sunroom Corner with Built-In Beds

Use clear glass for areas that will not directly receive the glare of the sun. If your sunroom receives too much sunlight, place curtains made of light and airy fabric to absorb the light. You can also switch to tinted glass panels.

The important thing is to be able to enjoy the clear skies at any point throughout the day. While the conservatory lets you bask in the radiance of a sunny day, it also lets you revel at the stars come nightfall.


Let the breeze in to create a refreshing atmosphere. Open the windows or install a ceiling fan to ensure a well-ventilated space that is infused with the fresh scent of the outdoors.


Invigorate your conservatory with ornamental plants. The lush greenery will remind you that the sunroom is a transit point between your outside environment and your home, and brings a breath of life into the space. Use potted plants that are vibrantly colored and also sweet-smelling to complete the sensory experience.


Welcome the radiance of the outdoors in your Balsam Hill home. Build a sunroom that balances the elements of nature and provides you and your family a relaxing retreat.

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