Autumn is a wonderful prelude to everyone’s favorite holiday season. Its wonderful splash of color and somewhat somber atmosphere provide a melancholic contrast from the festive mood of Christmas. Along with its palette, the fall brings with it its own décor style and theme. Bright orange hues, dark reds, and muted earthy tones are the highlights of the season, and the décor ideas presented here take these style considerations to heart.

To usher in autumn and the coming holiday season, this post shows how you can welcome your guests by using the colors of the harvest season on your porch. It’s amazing how some small accents can make the biggest difference. The following ideas show how they can be maximized for the best effect.

Decorate with the Splendor of Autumn

Autumn Leaves Foliage from Balsam Hill
Fill your home with the warm and vivid colors of fall with Balsam Hill’s Autumn Leaves Foliage

Fall is also the harvest season for many, and this ensemble of autumn leaves, red berries, and orange and red pumpkins is the perfect symbol of a bountiful crop. Decorate your front door with the Autumn Leaves Decorated Foliage from our very own Orchard Harvest Collection. Displaying the wreath on your front door will add vibrant color to your entryways. The garland, on the other hand, will wonderfully tie everything together, creating a showcase that completely captures the bounty of the season.

A Rustic Take on the Pumpkin

Pre-lit Twig Pumpkins by Balsam Hill
Pre-lit Twig Pumpkins from Balsam Hill

Add some earthy tones to your fall porch décor to balance out the bright fall colors. These pre-lit twig pumpkins work well as neutral accents and provide some added warmth in the nighttime with the gentle radiance coming from its lights.

A Soothing and Timeless Radiance

Candela Crossbar Traditional Lantern from Balsam Hill
Set the mood with flameless candles housed in our Candela Crossbar Traditional Lanterns.

Candles set the mood in your decorating themes, whether indoors or outdoors. Our flameless candles, matched with our small crossbar lanterns, provide the utmost control and convenience while mimicking the warm and soft glow of real candlelight. The Candela traditional lanterns  are an excellent way to highlight outdoor flameless pillar candles, providing a countryside touch to your fall-themed décor.

Autumn decorating is easy as long as you take note of the colors you use, as the ideas above show. Take advantage of the colors and unique charm of the season and apply it on your décor. Take a look at the latest Balsam Hill catalog for more ideas that will jumpstart your autumn decorating.

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