Walls tie the look of the room together. Even when you have the most expensive furnishings, your home design can turn into a disaster without an appropriate backdrop to envelop your space. How do you choose the best wall decor?

One thing I do is grab paint swatches from hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot, and frame them up on my wall to add some color. This also helps me imagine how a space can come to life.

Most homeowners are now becoming bolder in their choices of wall decor. Some have even gone to great lengths turning their walls into their very own works of art. In my latest post for the Balsam Hill blog, I will show you five ways to transform your blank canvas into a masterpiece.


1.) Typography

Typography has now become a hot trend, according to Houzz contributor Becky Harris. Alphanumeric designs create a range of looks. Sharp edges exude a modern appeal, while fluid cursive strokes add a classic touch. Often, you can find vintage street signs or modern letter or number blocks that provide your home with that eclectic look.

2.) Family Photos

Turn family photos into wall art by having them enlarged at your local print shop. A set of three in sepia or black and white creates beautiful contrast against colored walls. Choose an overarching theme. In the example from Michelle Hinckley, photos of children lend a touch of innocence. The technique works well given the soft colors and fabrics that define the room. Do remember not to overpopulate the space with images. Achieve balance between your accent pieces and your accent wall by limiting the number to three large ones, five medium ones, or seven smaller ones with the option of using matching frames.

3.) Mirrors

When decorating your family room, media room, or children’s bedroom, you can add a whimsical touch by using modern, streamlined mirrors. Unlike photographs that produce a flurry of images that fill up the room, mirrors create the opposite effect by widening the space.

4.) Geometric Patterns

A signature style of British designer David Hicks, geometric patterns give depth to a room. The example from Splendid Willow uses a wonderful and illusory play of hexagons. The outline of the geometric figure is done in a bold purple color but balanced out by the subtlety of the surrounding space. The patterns are so delectable on their own that even with furnishings in gold, black, and brown placed in front, the accent wall still stands out.

5.) Murals

If your home has a large pallid wall, liven it up with an awe-inspiring photo mural. Use highly detailed images of a lush forest, serene waterfalls, or a calm seascape to recreate natural wonders. Set the mural as the focal point of the room by minimizing the surrounding decor. Little hints of color, such as those in the example by Desire to Inspire, are welcome, but be sure to equalize them with white or grey furnishings.

Instead of thinking of bare walls as another design nightmare, think of them as blank canvases. Throw some color and pattern and your favorite accent pieces onto them, and these walls shall come to life.


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by Sura Nualpradid / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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