8 Design Ideas for a Travel-themed Room

Every city, every town tells a story through its geography – and its culture. This story unfolds with every step of your journey. Enthralled by your destination, you return home having seen more than you remember, and remembering more than you have seen.

But memories of your travels need not fade like an old photograph. Showcase mementos from your journey. And incorporate travel-themed home decor that captures your love for adventure.

1. Maps

A great alternative to wallpaper, these cartographic designs exhibit cool coastal colors of blue and beige, while the continental patterns create a unique visual texture on the walls. Choose vintage-looking maps: their earth tones exude old world elegance. Take inspiration from the geography of a place as you plot your next adventure with friends and family.

Contemporary Home Office by Boston Architect ZeroEnergy Design


2. Globes

Like maps, globes infuse contemporary spaces with an air of adventure. Conjuring up images of faraway places, these pieces invite you to circumnavigate the world in one spin. Set in a corner and on top of old suitcases, this spherical accent may exhibit imperfections, but the flaws only add to the antiquarian charm of the piece.

Eclectic Living Room by Dallas Media And Blogs Sarah Greenman


3. Postcards

Postcards offer you a glimpse of the traveler’s life on the road. As wall decor, vintage postcards hold both an aesthetic and sentimental value because of the artwork, postage stamps, and scribbled messages on them. Display a set of five in coordinating frames to give your room little snapshots of the world.

Eclectic Bedroom by Austin Interior Designer Maureen Stevens

Another technique is to make a collage of old tickets you’ve collected over the years and frame them. You can also add small items into a frame with a depth of about half an inch.

Modern Hall


4. Luggage

The ultimate travel companion, luggage can be transformed into home decor in many ways. Old suitcases can be refurbished as sofas or storage cases in the living room or bedroom. Stack up a matching pair to turn it instantly into an elegant alternative to your center table.

Traditional Porch by Kansas City Photographer Chad Jackson Photo


5. Souvenirs

Souvenirs can look cluttered when simply piled together in a corner of the house. Instead, allocate space in your home for a gallery, and set your mementos in between functional decor such as books to allow the space to remain dynamic. Displaying purely decorative pieces in one area of the home can give it a static look.

Contemporary Hall by Austin Photographer Bryant Hill Media


6. Flags

Flags lend your room that familiar fusion of colors. The image of the British flag, for instance, has become so entrenched in pop culture that adding the Union Jack as a design element is not only widely accepted, but it is also seen as a fashion statement on its own. Use the Union Jack design as an accent in areas with muted colors.

Eclectic Home Office by Los Angeles Media And Blogs Lisa Borgnes Giramonti


7. Landmarks

A jet set lifestyle is one filled with the energy of cosmopolitan cities. Fill your space with visual excitement by including images of landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge, in the background of your favorite room.

Modern Kitchen by Seattle Architect Janof Architecture


8. Vintage Cameras

Complete the travel theme of your room by incorporating vintage cameras as an accent. They add a charming touch that reminds the world traveler to capture every moment of the journey.

Eclectic Spaces by Brooklyn Media And Blogs Brooklyn Limestone

Retrace your footsteps around the world. Infuse your Balsam Hill home with travel-themed decor that exudes a jet set lifestyle.

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by Sura Nualpradid / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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