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The Lovely Winter Season The rustic beauty of winter is a theme beloved by homeowners when they decorate for Christmas. With this collection, you will see the beauty of the shape of the ornaments and the endearing and stunning way it captures the lovely ambiance of winter frost. From the Christmas tree to the holiday ornaments, look at the exquisite holiday decorating ideas highlighted in the Winter Frost collection.

Set the Stage Using the Perfect Tree

Winter Frost Decorating – Full Shaped BH Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
Balsam Hill’s BH Noble Fir has a full profile for classic holiday decorating

Since you want to recreate the rustic appeal of the outdoors, a full-shaped Christmas tree offers the perfect profile that complements your theme and enhances the color of your ornaments. The BH Noble Fir features a classic, woodsy charm that provides a strong contrast to your accessories that accentuate their color, shape, and embellishments.

Add Ornaments that Create the Perfect Mixture of Warmth and Winter

A warm, enduring feeling in a winter theme is difficult to do, but the Winter Frost collection pulls it off nicely. It displays beautifully designed ornaments that capture the exquisite scenery of the snowy outdoors, while the taupe ornaments, the decorative birds, the lighting, and other elements like glitter provide a warmth and depth to the overall design that doesn’t leave a cold atmosphere at your home. What makes the Winter Frost Ornaments perfect for the winter theme?

Winter Frost Decorating – Winter Frost Ornament Set and Winter Frost Bird Ornament
Make use of a variety of Winter Frost ornaments for a rustic appeal

Definitive Shapes

These Christmas ornaments have a rustic and wintry appeal further embellished by various shapes and sizes. Several shapes are elongated so make sure you have adequate room to hang them and show their elegance. The orbs or spheres add a classic touch, while the pinecones and Winter Frost Bird Ornaments add an outdoor element to the selection.
Muted Tones
The ornaments feature a slightly different finish that doesn’t scream a color at you, giving your tree a soothing atmosphere. The orbs feature the frosted blue color, warm taupe, and creamy hues that pay homage to the true colors behind the theme.

Bring Texture to the Overall Design

Texture gives your tree character. In Balsam Hill’s Winter Frost collection, those come in the form of floral sprays and Christmas tree ribbons.

Ribbons in Serene Colors

Winter Frost Decorating – Blue Dupioni and Platinum Glitter Christmas Tree Ribbons

Balsam Hill’s Christmas Tree Ribbons can be used as garland

The Blue Dupioni and Platinum Glitter ribbons accentuate the surfaces of the ornaments and add texture to the tree, both quietly competing for attention without being overwhelming. Ribbons can add a tremendous amount of warmth and direction for the theme, but they can also be overpowering, so use them wisely.

Floral Sprays in Glitter

Winter Frost Decorating – Winter Frost Leaves and Winter Frost Jeweled Floral Sprays Balsam Hill’s Winter Frost Leaves and Jeweled Floral Sprays for additional foliage

The Winter Frost Leaves and Winter Frost Jeweled Floral Sprays add depth to the foliage of your tree, making it look fuller and more abundant. The jewel and glitter embellishments also bring snow-like sparkle to the overall design.

Put the Finishing Touches

Winter Frost Decorating – French Blue Tree Skirt and French Blue Stocking
Balsam Hill’s Winter Frost French Blue Tree Skirt and French Blue Stocking for a complete ensemble

The right tree skirt can properly emphasize the theme of your tree while covering the base. Balsam Hill’s Winter Frost French Blue Tree Skirt and French Blue Stocking have the perfect tone of blue that complements the muted colors of your Christmas ornaments. The embedded jewels also add a playful glimmer to the display, matching the sparkle of the ornaments.

Winter Frost Decorating – Mercury Glass Tabletop Trees
Balsam Hill’s Mercury Glass Tabletop Trees have LED lights for a brilliant display

To complete the entire display, add a couple of Mercury Glass Tabletop Trees for a layered look to your Christmas display. Each tabletop tree coincides with the Christmas ornaments, from its pristine and soothing color to the jeweled embellishments. Where to place this tree? It’s an accommodating display in many ways and can be placed in a number of areas as it suits any style. The muted palette of this winter theme gives you a relaxing Christmas celebration with your friends and family, as it embellishes the joy of the season without being distracting.

For more decorating guides, look into the beauty of New York’s Gramercy Park or a wood-inspired Christmas theme. You can also enter Balsam Hill’s Decorating Theme Quiz to find out which holiday style suits your tastes.

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